Saturday, 19 March 2005

Another Nashman Experimental Psychology Study

The experiment: Put two beautiful university coeds in a controlled environment. The environment: A room with a lot of poles. The result: Two extremely fit, sober, drug-free, above average IQ homo sapiens sapiens of the female sex instinctively surround a pole and make territorial motions, going around the pole several times, often displaying characteristics similar to a cat marking his territory (see top frame). Then, girls grab onto a pole and start making carefully choreographed dances, wrapping their legs onto pole, undulating, and teasing (see middle frame). Then, one girl moves to find next pole while the other remains to continue gyrating around pole (see bottom frame). Conclusions: I find it as no surprise that female homo sapiens sapiens instinctively pole-dance to get attention of male species. This is to be expected as this trait is entirely genetically conserved in females. But, contrary to previous theories, my study conclusively shows that you do NOT need to get females drunk or to give them hallucinogenic drugs to produce slutty behavior. It is also surprising that said slutty behavior was not induced through force or the suggestion of punishment of the subjects. The study was carried out in broad daylight in a public space with poles. Researcher proposes to undertake a similar study at night, or in darkness as this has been suggested to elicit a natural tendency in females to shed off their clothing.


Issy said...

Are you naturally drunk? Come to Brasenose... said...

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oxfordian said...

is it bec of ur good looks that induced these fine ladies to pole dance for you? dati pang malakas sa mga babae itong nash na 'to :)

The Nashman said...

Of course not! This is a carefully controlled study vetted by the Royal Society of Primate Research. No active inducement from the researcher was recorded.

Anonymous said...

hallo there
hm does alex and isabel know that what they naturaly scientifically characterised as slutty behaviour of the female sapiens?
but to be honest this is nothing to what i ve seen and heard from them...simply by placing them at a bed...preferably with tigra patern sheets