Wednesday, 9 March 2005

I came, I saw, I survived. Running the third leg of my relay team, I negotiated the 4.2 mile 'cross country' course and came a respectable 5th..........from last. This is "the largest mid-week relays in Europe" and starts/finishes at the stadium where Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. My valid excuse list for not excelling as expected this year (hey, last year I kept pace with the best of them): 1. Sprained my right ankle while playing basketball with my Serbian friend (it's his fault he can't put up a decent screen); 2. As a result of the above sprain, 4 weeks into training, I stopped running for two weeks; 3. When I was just ready to resume training, a cold spell hit England so I couldn't train outdoors (I'm from the tropics!); 4. During the relay race itself (Mile 1), a 60 year old man overtook me and ripped my ego to shreds; 5. I tore my left knee at mile 3 just when we hit the most difficult part of the course - the Isis towpath (shown above, the path running parallel to the river); 6. Finally, I used a Nike shoe instead of the Climacool Adidas I meant to use (because I train in it, duh) because it was cold during race day. Despite this, I don't feel like a total failure, fact is, I Survived the race. YOU DIDN'T. Live with it.

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