Thursday, 24 March 2005

Myrtani's room. After talking about long distance relationships at length (yeech, bleh..) at that almost-there-but-not-quite exclusive club "QI", Nemanja and I thought it would be good to trash Myrtani's place for a change (QI does claim to have triple distilled Kazakh vodka in their cellars but this private club has some straaaange medieval rules like "2. Men must not approach women directly. They should ask a member of staff to be introduced"...Hell, even Filipino hero and womanizer Jose Rizal who lived in the late 1800s wouldn't accept this tosh). Myrtani is the Warden of Frewin Annexe - the home to Brasenose undergrads (ie - St. Cross Annexe-Lite....same taste but not quite the bite). She has the authority to summon an undergrad to her digs and say 'You've been a naughty boy....(insert sound of whip here)'. She showed us some interesting video clips (how it ended into her hands we don't want to know). Since it was her computer, and therefore not our asses on the line, Nem and I decided to look at some "educational" Russian sites. We are planning a trip to Russia and needed a tour guide to make sure we don't end up in the Gulags (I am going next year to Moscow and St. Petersburg! Da!). Anywho, the picture above show's a potpourri basket, a water bottle (stolen from the Oxjerks Said Business School) made into a candle holder and a few random pieces. Psychoanalysis: this is a room of a girl in a severe quarterlife crisis. Outside she exudes confidence and elan, but inside, inside, she has some issues to confront.....especially that mini-lamp shade and red plain print duvet's soooo last year.

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