Friday, 28 October 2005


His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem throws the first party of the term..

Ashley's departure from Middle Earth means there is one less chef in my social network so last Tuesday, it was Clinton's cooking audition as well as the first party at my place for the term. Dinner consisted of chicken (which I scored fresh from the covered market) in white wine sauce, green pesto pasta, greek salad (Lila), and the mandatory tapas. I blackmailed Edna to bring some Italian pecorino cheese (or else, Cousin Salvatore will pay her a "visit"). As expected, Lourdes promoted her country's new world wine (South Africa) and Paulo brought Spanish Cerveza (actually San Miguel which was brewed in Barcelona...). Everyone agreed that Clinton passed his cooking test as the chicken was excellent.

Wednesday, I invited fellow adventurer Henry Winstanley and his lovely wife for dinner and port at Brasenose. We sat at high table because Henry does not sit at the normal tables with the "unwashed" masses. ("Unwashed" is of course a term of affection that refers to undergraduates). As an interesting side note, I was sat next to a girl named "Felicity". Hmm, no crystal ball could have predicted that.

HRO Karl Willem looks dapper as we prepare to host dinner for some close friends

HRO Karl Willem presides over High Table Dinner at Brasenose.

Friday morning and I got a particularly vitriolic email. Apparently I missed Catherine's birthday last Monday. I nearly joined Tom's Church of Scientology when me and my dyslexia put down Catherine's birthday on my diary as "turning 24 on the 26th" when it should have been "turning 26 on the 24th". D'uh! I then realized that hey, I actually chopped two years off her age! She should be thanking me for that! Using my far evolved reasoning skills, she forgave me and so Friday night I joined her and other friends for sinful ice cream at Middle Earth's best ice cream shop....

HRO Karl Willem and the Moo-nalisa at G & D's

Hmmm, it's kinda late for that when one is seated on the throne isn't it?

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