Sunday, 9 October 2005

Dog's Day Out

The plumbing system at 4 Rue de Moleson is very un-Swiss. I heard people flushing their nitrogenous waste products all night long. I woke up to a loud rattling noise which could only be described as if a beaver was being shoved inside a rather narrow pipe. Bowel movements aside, it was a cold crisp morning and HRO Karl Willem and I took a walk to the Vielle-Ville (Old Town). It was after all a lazy sunday morning. We explored the old town and joined some medics in selling pastries for their fundraising. We got invited for tea (and an evening concert) by a Swede (HRO Karl Willem is half-Swedish and our newfound Swede friend couldn't hide her surprise in meeting royalty) and just as I was about to say oui, I remembered a lunch date with Licel. I rushed to Quai du Mont Blanc (aptly named because it affords a view of Europe's ceiling - Mont Blanc) where an African-themed party was already in full beat. Licel, me, and HRO Karl Willem had a picnic (8000 calories) then took a short lake cruise, taking in the sights and sounds of Lake Geneva (the Yacht club, comrade Lenin's chalet, Villa Diodati where Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, the Rotschilds' port, etc). We then joined a 5km walk for charity which we tackled in 4 hours, stopping every so often to indulge in the many delicacies being sold by different charitable organizations. True, we had a calorie surplus, eating more than we could burn, but then it was all for charity...

HRO Karl Willem wakes up very early for a morning walk while Geneva was still blanketed by white mist.....ahh, the fog can truly awaken your senses....

HRO Karl Willem humoring the muses of the Grand Theatre

HRO Karl Willem and I had the Old Town all to ourselves.

Jardin de Eden gets listed as one of HRO Karl Willem's "Best Places to Have Real Coffee". We took a loooong breakfast before heading off to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's house, Christie's auction house, Cathedrale St. Pierre, and the Les canons.

HRO Karl Willem paid a courtesy visit to the Consul General

HRO Karl Willem at Hotel de Ville. This is where the Geneva Convention was signed. HRO Karl Willem received a grand welcome from the diplomatic community.

HRO Karl Willem at Place du Bourg-de-four

HRO Karl Willem supports the fundraising activities of the School of Medicine. When HRO Karl Willem appeared, the sales of apple strudel, chocolate cake, and cafe noir more than doubled.

HRO Karl Willem at the lakeside enjoying a slice of cake for his second charity event for the day. A 5km walkathon in support of Terre des Homme.

The Cafe stall Esperanza along the Quai du Mont Blanc provides HRO Karl Willem his caffeine kick.

HRO Karl Willem took a cruise on Lake Geneva, visiting the houses of his Royal friends. We were surprised to learn that on windy days, the waves could reach 7 feet.

It was a chill out day for HRO Karl Willem, me, and Licel. The day was capped with a late coffee at Chateau de Penthes...


Anonymous said...

nice pictures. post some more, ok? i'll look forward to it. me again, pledesma.

oxfordian said...

grabe.. nice pics.. especially Jardin de Eden. i love your carefree jet-setting life! how i envy you.

The Nashman said...

thanks pled.

oxfordian, you must be joking. i travel on a budget (i need to juggle my studies with the odd job) while you gallivant on an expense account. i envy YOU...:D