Tuesday, 11 October 2005


I only realised that the Demi Lune Cafe was a date place when I sat down and found that all tables were set for two and the couples that occupied them were in amorous states of pda. At this moment, the world around me moved in slow motion and I entered the so-called "bad-dream sequence" where the faces of the people around me morphed into a kaleidoscope, each facet containing one person in mock laughter. Oh well, maybe I could win a friend by sharing a seat should a single girl dare come in...but today I was unlucky, no such girl in shining armour came to rescue me from blessed-singleness.

For the afternoon I went to see Geneve's Egyptian collection at the museum, among other things. They had Amun-Re's Book of the Dead and for the first time in my life, I set off the alarms as I leaned to get a closer "look". I totally missed the motion sensors! Now, I know a thing or two about motion sensors having built one myself but this was the works (that, or I was getting sloppy). Thankfully, I was not Stateside, and no special forces came to shoot me down. I apologised to the pretty curator who briefly peeked from the doorway, but saw no need to come in, and returned my smile. (BTW - they were so kind to let me view the collection privately. After all, I was with HRO Karl Willem and we always get the royal treatment). They had one mummy of an archer from the Nile which was well presented. After viewing the rest of the collection (Rodin's "The Thinker", Swiss painters...etc) I sat in a music class. Nevermind that the rest of the students were 6-year olds. It was quite fun being a kid again.

I still had lots of time to kill so off I went to the Parc des Bastions to have cafe noir near the life-sized chessboards. There were lots of pretty girls in the hip cafe, but the chess action was so much more amusing. For every chessplayer, there were at least two 'backseat' drivers. You know, the people who give unsolicited advice and criticise your every move. It makes the game much more interesting....

My late afternoon flight to Gatwick was kinda cool. The pilot was a girl while all the cabin crew were males so I did not pay attention to the pre-flight safety demo (I never do anyway). I heard a lady next to me exclaim that she's been on a couple of flights with this captain and the flight was always smooth. Now what should we call the cockpit then?......

Catching the sun rise behind the French Alps. I shared this view with a jazz musician and we talked about music and photography. Now I know where the good gigs are....

I can't leave Geneve without doing some groceries. The advantage of not having a girlfriend is that I have the chocolates all to myself. I went to Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre to see the latest lines. With my current status as a student, it would take me 10 years to buy a tourbillon watch....but then again I can probably deal drugs or become a gigolo and maybe I can cut it down to two years......

Antique bookshops carry many nice surprises.... including 19th century porn..

HRO Karl Willem outside Les Musees d'art et d'histoire (Art & History Museum).

Watching the endgame. That green building is the trendy Cafe du Parc des Bastions which gets an HRO Karl Willem "Best Places to Have Real Coffee" Award. The last time I played chess was when I was 10 so I was a bit slow in giving 'backseat driver' advice. In fact, it probably cost my new friend the game....I nearly forgot I had a plane to catch, but such is my trust in Swiss Time that I left the city center 4:50pm, walked casually to the train station and easily caught my 5:30 boarding. When I got to the airport, it was a 'self-service' check-in via a touch-screen lcd....quite boring as you can't tell check-in jokes to a machine ("No, I do not have my own luggage but I met this bearded man and he told me to bring this bag to London...")

As the sun set, I waved goodbye for was a short but sweet vacation..

HRO Karl Willem, pasalubong bags in tow, gets his own seat on the plane back to middle earth......the female pilot was too good - no turbulence, and a very soft landing. I like having a view of the airplane wings because morbid as it may sound, I like watching the wings buckling and rattling during turbulence. In fact, I quite enjoy flying under turbulence because I could get good sleep.

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cherise said...

wow! really cool pictures! i like sunrise and sunset.
i'm beginning to be your avid reader :-). i wish i could meet you when you get back to the phils.