Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Saas Fee

After a short nap and a long shower, I walked the streets of Saas Fee hoping tomorrow's weather would be good for climbing. It was zero degrees and I prayed that no snow would fall...

Long before there was Gore-Tex, Vibram soles, and lightweight climbing gear, this man in a cassock, Father Johann Josef Imseng was already climbing the Alps and showing people how fun it can be. He was also the first Swiss skier.

Highland veggies are always bigger and better.....

I'm so used to having dinner by candlelight alone. This is the curse of not having a significant other. On my first night at the Saas I had dinner at a Rustikale Gaststätten (restaurant) perched precariously on the edge of the Alpin gorge (Zur Mühle...I highly recommend it). The waitress (Yvonne, whose family probably owned the place) was so sweet. To regain my energy for tomorrow's climb I pigged out on ox-tail soup (Ochsenschwanz), a plate of traditional Valaisian cured meat and cheeses (Wallisertell), and a large serving of pasta bolognese. I skipped the wine and pushed all that food Pinoy-style - with an ice cold coca cola! Of course, I needed my after dinner coffee (if only to stay longer and be mesmerized by Yvonne....)

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