Thursday, 13 October 2005

Wizard School Resumes

The Brasenose Scarf - so much better than Lincoln (ie. Slytherin) College's
I should stop with the Harry Potter references, after all, my beloved college is in the greatest square in Middle Earth which inspired some of the imagery for Tolkien's world. The new students have arrived, I am very pleased and compliment the Principal for admitting only pretty students (as in Elven Liv Tyler Pretty). I can only say the opposite for Lincoln College as going there feels like being in a big Uruk-Hai convention.
New talents line up for the traditional matriculation photo..(The dome of the Radcliffe Camera is Sauron's Temple to Morgoth). Photo courtesy of JR. For more beautiful Brasenose imagery visit
Say Cheese. I have developed a crush on one of the undergraduates. Maybe that's one reason I'm getting a few pimples..... Photo courtesy of JR at Mordor

On the domestic front, Jo has been bunking in my room for two weeks since she got kicked out of the savannah that is St. Hilda's College. It's amazing how much stuff she has, my room looked like a FedEx/UPS sorting station. Fortunately, she's off to Copenhagen soon. (Now, get this, she's flying to Denmark using a Brazilian Airline!?! Typical of a Hildabeast to choose a flight so that she could boy-watch. I warn her that not all Brazilian men are models. In fact I prayed that she'd be in a flight full of fat, balding, and intoxicated old men). Helping her pack, I realized that I also had so much stuff (how on earth did I end up with 30 ties? and in what century was I able to wear waistline 28 pants???) so I did some room cleaning and purged a lot of non-essential items. I want a semi-minimalist room. I think I'm getting there.

I spend a whooping 40% of my life here....(ok, occasionally I sleep on the floor)

This painting was a going away present from Stella. We don't know who did it but I hope it's by someone famous so I can sell it on ebay.....

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