Saturday, 26 February 2005

There is a reason why weather forecasting in England involves a roulette wheel. Just when I thought it was going to be warm enough to go out in tsinelas (flip-flops), we've suddenly had two weeks of subzero temperatures. It has stopped me from training for the relay race I will be joining because the last time I went out for a run, my sweat seemed to be turning into ice. Snow is even worse. You can't cycle on snow, which means you have to walk, which means you have to freeze. I am one of the few Filipinos who truly hate snow when it happens at sea level (My friend Aldo can convince you better). Sure they are beautiful on the slopes, but they have no reason for being on flat land. On the other hand, sometimes snow gives you some nice photo opportunities. So I went to this 18th century graveyard (which just happens to be right next to our flat) to sit and have lunch. Graveyards are cool. Today I am just visiting, many years from now, I will be visited. One marker caught my attention y'all, check out the "X" cross on the right hand. Cool eh? Was he some sort of 18th century rapper ayt? If Shakespeare could rap would he be going like:
Macbeth: "Man, somethin's whack in Denmark y'all"
Romeo et Juliet: "Where art thou mah Romeo?", reply "I'm here bitch"
Merchant of Venice: "You is disrespectin me? Gotta pay up for the bling bling son"...

.......and all this ranting because of snow....

Saturday, 19 February 2005

Spring is upon us! Yipeeee! No more depressing winter bleakness. We can now spend our lunches outside, lying on the grass, reading Hello magazine inserted inside our binders marked "Protocols for Bioconjugation" so people think how hardworking we are. We can take the boat and let the Isis carry us to never ever land...Longer daylight hours mean longer drinking hours! Spring I say! Spring!

Friday, 18 February 2005

Shameful. Isabel showing off her 'Juicy Strawberries'.....'Tasty with Cream' t-shirt. I don't think I can wear the same shirt and make the same

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

The Man Himself. Why the fuss about this graduate dinner? Because Mr. Michael Palin was being made honorary fellow of Brasenose College. He did his undergrad at Brasenose during the swinging 60s (after flunking the Cambridge application). One of the founding fathers of Monty Python, I am a fan more for his travel documentaries for the BBC (Pole to Pole, Full Circle, The Nile, The Himalayas...etc). There is virtually no nook in the world where this man has not been (including my hometown). I am sat in front of him for dinner and I so wanted to convince him that I would be a good cameraman next time he does another around the world trip. At second desserts we talk about the Philippines which for some bizarre reason slowly gravitated to Cockfighting........(He is shown above reflecting on the Principal's opening speech).

It's Brasenose College Graduate Dinner and I am sat at High Table (after repeatedly telling the College Secretary I wanted to). I am seated next to the Dean who during the last second desserts came to me while I was talking to the principal and said "Fix your tie you are talking to the Principal" and this while the Dean was wearing a Pink Jacket. I had never taken fashion advice from anyone wearing a Pink Jacket. This time he came to dinner with the Pink Jacket again! And this after I took some time to put on my shagedelic suit only to be blinded by the Pink Jacket. On my left is Prof Ziserman who Viva'd me on the spot regarding my research. Directly in front was the Graduate tutor who Viva'd me as well. I told them I am in the stage of my DPhil where I still do not know anything..yet.....but soon...maybe...This conversation is to be expected, you can't exactly dine with Oxford Dons and expect to talk about tits, streaking, or showbiz gossip (although deep inside we all want to). Paraded on the table were the College Silver (I wanted to steal the Silver Pint Mug). Today's meal was good, and the wine selection was even better. Anyways, shown on the picture is the Main Nose himself, Prof. Roger Cashmore (former director of the CERN in Geneva and now College Don), next to him is Stella Arthur who is Scot-slash-Filipina-slash-Canadian taking her MBA, followed by the Principal's lovely wife, then fellow collegemates watching the guest sing a lumberjack song in German.

Monday, 14 February 2005

I am an Evil Man. I would have ranted more about how I hate Valentine's but my friend Isabel just got back from Berlin and gave me this Box of Hearts. She said she expected flowers from me. No? Well, buhuuhu! I won't fall for that Valentine's Day tweetums sugar trap.....the chocolate is yummy by the way....

Digging into my retro photo archives to make a point (00001)

Abolish Valentines. This is how I feel about the capitalistic day called Valentines. I guess this is how (see above) every single, unloved, sad, and ugly man like me feels every Valentines. (Picture I took ages ago - Hercule combattant Achelous metamorphose en serpent by Francois-Joseph Bosio at the Louvre)

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Snoopy on Tour. Isabel's knickers baffled me. I did not know that Snoopy advertises his world tour on women's undies.But then again, if you were to put ads on underwear, shouldn't it be worn in such a way that people can actually see it?..Lucky dog.....

Sunday, 6 February 2005

I thought I'd put a picture of my college, Brasenose, because it's been a slow news day...nothing to randomly rant about here a picture of something pretty, Brasenose on the left, the cattle market on the right...

Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Dinner for a Friend. It's been two years since I last saw Julia. She was my housemate in Cambridge, both of us taking our MPhil (she in International Relations). She finished early and returned to Oxford. She invited me to visit her. I did. I stumbled on a great project. A year later I defected to Oxford. So basically, it's her fault that I am here. She has been living in Paris for a year but when we finally got our schedules synchronized, it was good to cook dinner for her. I spent the whole afternoon looking for good produce from the market and slaved in the kitchen. I probably deserve no less than 2 Michelin stars for my creation. Greek salad, pasta with fresh pesto sauce, and honey roasted chicken breasts (Ok, the chicken didn't turn out right). We had dinner and she had many stories to tell. It's always good to be in the company of a good friend especially when I reminded her she had a habit of............(secret giggles here)....