Thursday, 31 March 2005

A Message from His Royal Orangeness

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem thanks all who have supported his human consort, The Nashman, this past year. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem wishes The Nashman greater success and happiness for the coming year. Team Karl Willem has grown from strength to strength. Recent additions include Wily Coyote who was named Chief Financial Officer two weeks ago. Furthermore, on The Nashman's birthday, Chittaranjan, an Asian Elephant was given by Isabel of Bonn and was quickly appointed as Chief of Special Operations. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem gives his supporters from around the world warm hugs and many kisses.

Shown above at Team Karl Willem HQ (L-R): Gromit (PA to HRO Karl Willem), Wily Coyote, Juan Miguel de Zaragoza (Dog in Waiting), His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, Filiburth (Garfield's cousin, Adviser to HRO Karl Willem), Karla Viktoria of Bonn (Secretary to HRO Karl Willem), The Stuffed Toy Formerly Known as the Platypus, and Chittaranjan.

Gromit's tie by Yves Saint Laurent, Wily Coyote's tie by Mila Schön, HRO Karl Willem's tie by Ermenegildo Zegna, and Chittaranjan's Tie by Zara. Background is a Blue Igorot weaving commissioned by The Nashman (Human Consort to HRO Karl Willem) for Team Karl Willem Headquarters.

Wednesday, 30 March 2005

I rule. Live with it. I am in an eeeevil mood today. Let me introduce you to my friend Aldoom (

Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Digging into my retro photo archives to make a point (0002)

Today I celebrate the xth anniversary of my 18th birthday. I am getting too old. (I share my birthday with the New People's Army of the Communist Party of the Philippines, just the day NOT the year....also, let this be a warning to those who claim to be my friends but sent no gifts....). And in another one of those weird coincidences, two of my friends from kindergarten were each born on the 27th and 28th of March. We celebrate this as the three days of darkness festival. I was born at the Notre Dame de Lourdes hospital and my mom tells me that I peed on the nurse...woo hoo. The clock is ticking and there are still places to see, people to meet and annoy, and things to discover. The picture above shows me and my mum in front of the Baguio Cathedral (every Baguio native has this sort of picture, in fact to gain citizenship, you must have a picture taken at this spot when you were teeny weeny, otherwise you are just a tourist....). This is probably the most retro picture I've posted....look at those bell bottoms my mum is wearing.....And so the quest continues.....

Sunday, 27 March 2005

It's Easter. I hope I haven't been too sinful for the past year. I hope my man at the Vatican is doing well. I spent a spring in Rome and went up the Duomo of St. Peter's Basilica. I only realized how symmetrical the design of St. Peter's square was when I took this picture. Anyways, coming to Rome reminded me of high school. Most of my friends were fond of wearing Doc Marten's steel toe shoes. Of course, I couldn't afford it back then (even now actually). But the Pope wears them, and so do the Swiss Guards who protect the Vatican. I should go back and see if Il Papa signed a new shoe deal.....maybe He has the new Adidas self adapting shoe.....

Friday, 25 March 2005

Once in a blue moon. It's Good Friday and the moon is iridescently beautiful. (Shown above the Chemistry teaching building). The weather is just right too for laying on the grass to stargaze, although tonight, the bright moon is THE star. And yes, tonight it looks like blue cheese. Isabel complained of how she is getting fat (like all girls do) while watching "Licence to Kill" (I wouldn't blame her while watching all those Bond girls). Between us, we did manage to realize that getting her fat means her boobs are increasing too. For most women, this must be the upside to gaining weight. I volunteered to cook her some sausages, eggs, and other staples of the heart-attack diet but she declined. Now, I'm a regular boob man myself, I don't go for those ridicously large oversized breasts that some men like to ogle at. It has to be the right shape and size in proportion to the body....that is the essence of bella figura. I have no idea why I've degraded to this sort of post on my blog. But then, I take that back, there is nothing degrading about talking about women's breasts, they are after all heavenly bodies. How they defy gravity is a mystery not even the inverse square law can fully explain. Men's balls - well they just sag (metaphorically and literally).

Thursday, 24 March 2005

Myrtani's room. After talking about long distance relationships at length (yeech, bleh..) at that almost-there-but-not-quite exclusive club "QI", Nemanja and I thought it would be good to trash Myrtani's place for a change (QI does claim to have triple distilled Kazakh vodka in their cellars but this private club has some straaaange medieval rules like "2. Men must not approach women directly. They should ask a member of staff to be introduced"...Hell, even Filipino hero and womanizer Jose Rizal who lived in the late 1800s wouldn't accept this tosh). Myrtani is the Warden of Frewin Annexe - the home to Brasenose undergrads (ie - St. Cross Annexe-Lite....same taste but not quite the bite). She has the authority to summon an undergrad to her digs and say 'You've been a naughty boy....(insert sound of whip here)'. She showed us some interesting video clips (how it ended into her hands we don't want to know). Since it was her computer, and therefore not our asses on the line, Nem and I decided to look at some "educational" Russian sites. We are planning a trip to Russia and needed a tour guide to make sure we don't end up in the Gulags (I am going next year to Moscow and St. Petersburg! Da!). Anywho, the picture above show's a potpourri basket, a water bottle (stolen from the Oxjerks Said Business School) made into a candle holder and a few random pieces. Psychoanalysis: this is a room of a girl in a severe quarterlife crisis. Outside she exudes confidence and elan, but inside, inside, she has some issues to confront.....especially that mini-lamp shade and red plain print duvet's soooo last year.

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Vitamin D......yum

The temperature is finally going up in Middle Earth and the sky is for most part of the day a cheerful blue. Even the Cattle Market (pictured above) looks happy as seen from the glint in its eyes. A few more days and I think I can wear tsinelas (flip-flops) and shorts to go out. A few more weeks and I can get a tan.

Sunday, 20 March 2005

A Random Picture (when there is nothing else to rant about)

Man jumping off Magdalen Bridge to the River Isis with everyone looking while I was drinking coffee at the Head of the River Pub with crane hook lurking from the top.

Saturday, 19 March 2005

Another Nashman Experimental Psychology Study

The experiment: Put two beautiful university coeds in a controlled environment. The environment: A room with a lot of poles. The result: Two extremely fit, sober, drug-free, above average IQ homo sapiens sapiens of the female sex instinctively surround a pole and make territorial motions, going around the pole several times, often displaying characteristics similar to a cat marking his territory (see top frame). Then, girls grab onto a pole and start making carefully choreographed dances, wrapping their legs onto pole, undulating, and teasing (see middle frame). Then, one girl moves to find next pole while the other remains to continue gyrating around pole (see bottom frame). Conclusions: I find it as no surprise that female homo sapiens sapiens instinctively pole-dance to get attention of male species. This is to be expected as this trait is entirely genetically conserved in females. But, contrary to previous theories, my study conclusively shows that you do NOT need to get females drunk or to give them hallucinogenic drugs to produce slutty behavior. It is also surprising that said slutty behavior was not induced through force or the suggestion of punishment of the subjects. The study was carried out in broad daylight in a public space with poles. Researcher proposes to undertake a similar study at night, or in darkness as this has been suggested to elicit a natural tendency in females to shed off their clothing.

Friday, 18 March 2005

Our clock is finally working. I always ask myself what on earth were the early Brits thinking when they taught a sunclock would be a good idea, it only works a few days a year and when the sun is actually up in the heavens (technically, it's always there, it just doesn't show up too often in Middle earth), we are so happy we don't really care to know what time it is - when the sun is shining, I'm gonna lie on the grass and get some tan, I couldn't care less what time it is.

Wednesday, 9 March 2005

I came, I saw, I survived. Running the third leg of my relay team, I negotiated the 4.2 mile 'cross country' course and came a respectable 5th..........from last. This is "the largest mid-week relays in Europe" and starts/finishes at the stadium where Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. My valid excuse list for not excelling as expected this year (hey, last year I kept pace with the best of them): 1. Sprained my right ankle while playing basketball with my Serbian friend (it's his fault he can't put up a decent screen); 2. As a result of the above sprain, 4 weeks into training, I stopped running for two weeks; 3. When I was just ready to resume training, a cold spell hit England so I couldn't train outdoors (I'm from the tropics!); 4. During the relay race itself (Mile 1), a 60 year old man overtook me and ripped my ego to shreds; 5. I tore my left knee at mile 3 just when we hit the most difficult part of the course - the Isis towpath (shown above, the path running parallel to the river); 6. Finally, I used a Nike shoe instead of the Climacool Adidas I meant to use (because I train in it, duh) because it was cold during race day. Despite this, I don't feel like a total failure, fact is, I Survived the race. YOU DIDN'T. Live with it.

Saturday, 5 March 2005

Studies in Motion (0001)

Me cycling 'round and 'round the Radcliffe Camera. Why do I do this? Because I CAN.

Thursday, 3 March 2005

The Horse Whisperer. After taking my bike offroad with some mates (while singing communist- era Hungarian songs), we came across a grazing field. I miss riding horses (it is said that a couple of my friends look like horses) and when this young black mare proved to be very friendly, I decided to whisper a few sweet nothings....(photo courtesy of Ashley who was too scared to come close).

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Stress. Papers to read and cross reference. I'm starting a new project. I want to see if I can attach monoclonal antibodies/enzymes/metalloproteins to carbon nanotubes...(but's that's all I can say about it for now)..I have read 100 papers in two weeks and I can't say I understand anything. I want to bang my head on the table. Yes Carruthers, nothing but pain for me for another 2 months....but for the meantime, I'm off to the library for Modern Languages to borrow Fellini's La Dolce Vita and perhaps have a break.