Saturday, 30 April 2005

After an al fresco dinner hosted by Ashley (and limping with my newly sore ankle) I prepared myself for some serious sleep deprivation. The alignment of the stars this year ensured Greek Easter and May Day occurred on the same day. First stop was Orthodox church mass. I was putting on a pair of jeans when Alexandra stormed through my door shouting "Are you malaka? You can't wear that to OUR church!" (Nevermind that she was wearing a very mini-skirt that you definitely could NOT wear to MY church..If my priest saw what she was wearing he'd say "Hija, nakikita na ang bungad ng langit sa suot mong iyan"). Orthodox easter service was wonderful. It was done in Greek (A language abolished in my old high school by the time I got there) and Russian.The Greeks came in mafia-black, the Slavs in more or less the same, while the Russians covered their heads with veils. Service started near midnight in darkness with the priest coming out of the church with a lit candle and the light was passed on from candle to candle among the congregation. Being totally clueless as the language shifted to Russian, my eyes wandered around. There were lots of very pretty Slavic girls and if only for this reason I wanted to be baptised on the spot. But then I realized I did not have to convert to enjoy this church as Catholic is in fact Greek (Katholikos) for 'universal'. Wahoo. As the the light was finally passed to my candle I was greeted with "Kristos Anesti" (= Christ is Alive!). To which I replied "What? Again?", knowing full well that Catholic Easter was two weeks earlier and Christ would have been up by then. (I am sure Christ will take this up with God and ask that all Christian religions should align all their calendars so Easter falls on the same date every year). After the exciting Easter service (making a mental note to come back...noting that surely God loves this Orthodox church more as there were lots of pretty girls) we headed off for a decadent Greek dinner (complete with dancing and great food). On our way home, the streets were beginning to overflow with drunk students, slutty women, and serious revelry as the next major celebration, May Day, began to set hold.

I think this is a graveyard in a village called Wheatley (on our cycle route back to Oxford). It was almost sunset but Miki and I were so hungry we stopped and got a couple of donuts from the local supermarket. We couldn't find a park where we could sit down and eat. The next best thing was the village church which had some benches in the graveyard. While eating, we invented a new game - we'd randomly point to a headstone and guess at what age that person died. For example, that headstone in the foreground, Miki said "60", I said "89"....I checked it out and it said "83"...So I won. Reminds of the the game show "The Price is Right".......(again, the people buried here died at a very ripe age...must be the diet again)

A 12th century church somewhere (we really didn't bother to bring a proper map.....that's the joy of exploring). The graveyard is full of 80-somethings. They sure have a long lifespan in this village....must be the was so quiet in this village, deep inside I wanted something out of "Children of the Corn" or "The Village" to happen and make my life exciting.....(there was a half-open grave though but a short peek inside showed nothing interesting..Lestat, where are you?).

Miki and I took a 20 mile cycle ride out of Oxford. It was great to get away from the dreamy spires to do some village-hopping. The small towns are very pretty, with their tatched roofed houses, quaint pubs, and friendly locals. My rickety Green Manalishi could barely manage going uphill but the downhill rides were of roller coaster proportions. A couple of days ago a friend suggested we cycle from London to Amsterdam. Judging from today's training run, I am tempted to take her challenge. First, I need to try the 85-mile Oxford to Cambridge ride. For all its worth, I've exercised my leg muscles and toned my butt today. I did re-injure my ankle when my chain slipped. Bummer.

Friday, 29 April 2005

Thief. While I sat along the riverbank enjoying the afternoon sun, this duck tried to come from behind me intending to steal a sip of my pint of beer. He wasn't particularly nice (a bit aggressive) so I told him off. Later tonight I had aromatic crispy duck for dinner.

Thursday, 28 April 2005

Some semblance of spring has finally sprung. Sunny afternoons mean I can cycle along the river, deftly avoiding the geese, swans, ducks, horses, cows, and tourists, towards the outer fringes of middle earth for tea. That's my cycle in the picture. I call it the Green Manalishi. It can't do warp speed despite the Michelin tires and forward handlebars but it's much faster than walking. The shift gears have stopped working properly a long time ago so I need to have it refitted (but what was I to expect from a £50 bicycle I got from a man with a white's not stolen he assures me). Since I've had it I've had one collision with a girl (it doesn't matter who's fault it was, being a girl was enough reason for it to be the girl's fault....*toothy smile*), and I've been sideswiped by a black cab once but I've never had a major accident with it although I ocassionally want to find a target for roadkill (ie. tourists, aluminum cans, and some mean spirited ducks). As long as the Green Manalishi gets me from A to B I am happy. I grease the chains with extra virgin olive oil so I reckon the Green Manalishi can still provide another thousand miles or so.

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem standing watch over one of his ancestral cities.

Monday, 25 April 2005

This is the Divinities School, the first examination hall of Oxford. I could tell you a lot about the architecture, history, utility, and beauty of this structure but that is not what most tourists come here for at this age of Hollywood. Its new role is the Hospital for Hogwart's School of magic. They've finished production of the fourth movie. If we are to maintain some realism, Harry and the gang should be adolescents by now, and everyone knows what goes on in boarding expect a few surprises in the 4th movie. (I have insider information as I was living in the old Victorian neighborhood of Norham next to the production team's house last summer when they shot the movie. Shooting annoyed lots of us because they had to close down the library....Anyways, I think some surprises are that Gandalf becomes principal...Harry has to deal with teenage angst.....and they finally kill off that annoying Legolas....and then they all wake up in a ship captained by a guy named Morpheus and realize that everything was a dream but before they could contemplate their existentialist questions, they are transported to Mumbai and thousands of extras come out of nowhere performing a synchronized song and dance routine...)

Sunday, 24 April 2005

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem enjoys the sun. After a wet week, HRO Karl Willem sips a glass of new world wine on a picnic held on the freshly cut grass of Christchurch meadow. The Nashman got a great tan while watching the Oxford blades stir up the Isis.

Coming soon on pay per view: When Cub Scouts go wild and the best way to separate them from the death grip is to charge them with a flagpole. And yes, they do give out proficiency medals for hand to hand combat now (See boys on the left with lots of medals...). Times have changed.

On the domestic front, I lost my "for everything else there is...." card and had to call customer support to have my card blocked (lest someone uses it to buy enriched uranium) and to get a new one. Anywho, the call was answered by a callcenter somewhere in the Philippines. What annoys me is that why do they have to overdo the 'slang' accent. I could hardly understand the lady who got my call. She elongated the "o's" when it should have been flat..... bloody hell, she elongated every vowel. It's worse than Manila conio taglish (aargh....)! What's even strange is that my name was slanged to an ear-splitting "Mr. Two-lay-doe"...Duh! It's Spanish! Everyone in the Philippines knows you don't pronounce "Aguirre" as "Ag-wire", or "Reyes" as "Ray-yes". I want to see the voice coach and slap him/her silly. Don't get me wrong, the lady who answered my call was nice and efficient. I think nowadays, the younger ones get to learn pronunciation from too much bad TV.

Saturday, 23 April 2005

In the forest there are no toilets and I wanted to pee. Then I realised that urine has urea and urea is an organic compound that contains fixed nitrogen needed for the circle of life. So I picked this plant that I thought would benefit most from my humble "donation". I am sure the forest fairies are very happy with this act of charity.

Friday, 22 April 2005

from Soneto XVII (Pablo Neruda)

Te amo como la planta que no florece y lleva
dentro de sí, escondida, la luz de aquellas flores,
y gracias a tu amor vive oscuro en mi cuerpo
el apretado aroma que ascendió de la tierra. *

They have gone mad in middle earth. I stayed at the library today (more like slept). Went to the copier looking for a stapler and found it wrapped like a dead body waiting for the coroner. The wrapping said "This stapler is out of service. An engineer has been called". Surely, they must be joking. It's a bloody stapler for crying out loud. Even the sunog-baga kanto boys can fix it. Even I can fix it. Then I suddenly realize, "O shite, I am an engineer". I fled the scene.

(*I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom and carries/hidden within itself the light of those flowers,/and thanks to your love, darkly in my body/lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.)

Thursday, 21 April 2005

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem's visit to Chicoleo. Very few restaurants can truly impress the regal and discerning royal tastebuds of HRO Karl Willem. Chicoleo is a Mexican restaurant and Argentinian steakhouse featuring real cacti and and authentic mexican cantina furniture with a terraza facing the cool waves of Noordwijk. The owners were very happy to cook for HRO Karl Willem and human consort The Nashman. HRO Karl Willem had chili con carne and found it to be the best chili this side of the North Sea. The owners were so fond of HRO Karl Willem and a queue of admirers (all were muy caliente y muy hermosa) quickly formed to have a brief chat and receive royal hugs and kisses from HRO Karl Willem.

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

I deliver today my own Urbi et Orbi. I have started my own religion (Nashman's Witnesses) and thought that I would make the cobblestones of Piazza San Pietro as my spritual seat. (See how inconspicuous my three loyal praetorian guards keep their vigilant eyes on me) I should be meeting Benedetto XVI soon so that we can discuss if he still wants to renew his shoe contract with Doc Martens. I also want to suggest installing a Bang and Olufsen sound system inside the Pope mobile. The whole entourage of HRO Karl Willem will be descending in Rome soon to sing some Bavarian dancing songs.

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Pope Update. The whole of Christendom was shocked today after the third voting resulted in 159,893 cardinals apparently favoring Francesco Vittorino as the next pope. Vatican observers were shocked as Francesco, who was not even in the conclave, was not even a cardinal, and not even a Catholic appeared to have won the ballot. Francesco was in fact manning his ice-cream stand along Via Conciliazione when word got out that he was elected and CNN's Christiane Amanpour came rushing towards him to ask how he felt about being elected pope. When asked to whom to attribute his victory, he seemed tentative as being an atheist meant he could not reconcile the thought of God playing a hand in his election. However, his joy was shortlived when it appeared that the Philippine Commission on Elections had a hand in counting the ballots. The Vatican has apologised for the faux pas and have expelled the Filipinos from ever counting in any ballot again. The Philippine Elections commissioner, Abalos, remained unrepentant insisting that he himself counted the ballots. "It is unfair. We Filipinos are known for the integrity of our election results." said commissioner Abalos. When asked why many there were more votes than cardinals he quickly retorted "It's common for Philippine elections to have Dagdag-Bawas (padding/shaving), and we thought what a great way to show the world our superior election system by implementing it on the conclave". The roll call confiscated by British Intelligence from the Filipino election officers showed that even dead Cardinals had cast their votes and that worshippers from the nearby Jehovah's Witnesses meeting hall were bused into the Vatican to vote. The Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo could not hide her displeasure "I don't understand the Vatican's anger, I got elected Philippine president in the same manner".

Monday, 18 April 2005

Attack of the killer flowers. These pests are ruining my schedule! I am supposed to exhibit my photographs of grass but these flowers are everywhere! Thankfully, I am wearing boots so I can trample them efficiently.

I took a long walk wanting to take some pictures of the green green grass. Unfortunately, spring has sprung and ruined the green palette I wanted so much to capture. Instead, the meadows are bursting with colour. I hate mondays.

Sunday, 17 April 2005

For a limited time only, a sea of violet. Snakeshead fritillaries have carpeted the Magdalen college meadow. It is very obvious why they are called "Snakeshead". Also, their bulbs contain the highest quantities of DNA among all plant or animal species.

A Blue Tit curtsies to His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem. HRO Karl Willem and me have been watching tit action during our quickie coffee breaks. It's so nice to watch the tits come and leave happy. I thank Heather for recommending me to put out my own birdie feeder. The tits just can't get enough of my nuts.
My birdie feeder is more than just for tits. A finch drops by to say hello and to peck at my nuts. This is its first time on my birdie feeder. It was telling me how it got here- "I was flying over the woods when I saw some huge and healthy tits. They had this glow on them and they were bobbing about, happily defying gravity so I asked them why they were so plump and excited and they said it's because they've just had a taste of your nuts". I reply that the finch was more than welcome to come every so often.

Friday, 15 April 2005

Tits. I had just woken up when my flatmate Heather asked me if I saw her tits this morning. Apparently, she had a blue tit and a "great" tit. So I followed her to her room and she showed me the most mesmerising and adorable tits. I have seen tits before but this morning they were literally in my face and they never seemed so happy. I was jealous that Heather was getting her fair shair of tits so this afternoon I went to the covered market and got a long birdie pipe. After drizzling my nuts in honey, I hanged them out in the open. A few minutes later, a tit came and started pecking at my nuts. The rythmic tapping sound grew louder and faster as the tit finally released one of my nuts from its holder. After the blue tit, a great tit came for her share of nut. Soon many tits started coming. Now, I've decided to do my academic work in my room this afternoon while tits come and go to peck at my nuts. Only time will tell who, Heather or me, can attract the most number of tits. For now, I can see her tits from my window while she can she my tits from hers.

Top frame shows a Blue tit, the bottom frame is a great tit.

Could it be a coincidence that I stumbled upon a second printing of "In The Shoes of The Fisherman" by Aussie author Morris West just as the men in red are about to enter the conclave to elect their next lead singer. Anyways, this is a book involving the election of a Russian pope named Kiril that was made into a movie starring the Pangalatok actor Anthony Quinn in 1968. Of course I saw the movie later when it came out in betamax (it was de riguer to have beta in the Philippines). Two decades after it was written, the conclave resulted in a pope from behind the iron curtain (talk about life imitating art). I found the book at the remains of what was once a cozy second hand shop in Turl street which is about to close due to rent increase (damn you Lincoln College!). Thankfully there are other places to look for great finds. The picture above shows the sunday book market in front of the National Film Theatre (although it's a bit on the expensive side it's a great place to people-watch).

Thursday, 14 April 2005

I wish I were a kid again. I could go around a pond in circles without a care in the world with a hip, skip, and a song on my lips.

Grandmother of Ganja. A 66-year old woman became a convicted drug dealer this week. Laura Tabram has been using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis by using it as an everyday spice for cooking scrambled eggs (she uses organic skunk). Now, that is perfectly ok in England as cannabis for 'personal use' is legal. However, "posession with the intent to supply" is illegal. So was she dealing ganja? Well, on a technicality. She invited some of her fellow MS-sufferers over for dinner and served casseroles and cakes laced with cannabis. And so the coppers raided her pot (pun intended)! Thankfully, she is not in jail. She remains unrepentant as the low levels of ganja she takes 5 days a week allow her to do daily tasks without having to resort to ineffective MS-medication. Go Granny Go.

On a more personal note, my province is struggling to cope with the very low prices of vegetables due to my stupid government's (Yes, it's that lying bitch President GMA) ineptness in preventing inferior and disease-prone imported vegetables from flooding the market. Already, the confedaration of farmers have threatened to plant marijuana instead if our stupid government continues to kill our industry. And they have my support. On a lighter note, if that happens, I share Laura Tabram's Cannabis recipe published on The Guardian yesterday..

Laura Tabram's Chicken Maryland with Cannabis
2lb of roasting chicken in portions
Salt and pepper
plain flour
1 egg
2-3oz fresh breadcrumbs
2-3oz butter to which add half a level tsp of powdered cannabis
oil for frying
2-3 bananas
1oz butter
1 tin of creamed sweetcorn

1. Place the cannabis butter between the flesh and skin of each portion of chicken, then carefully replace skin.
2. Season the outside of the chicken with salt and pepper, then dust with flour.
3. Beat the egg, and dip in the chicken portions, followed by dusting with flour.
4. Fry in the just-hot oil, until golden brown.
5. Peel and quarter the bananas and fry in butter.
6. Heat creamed sweetcorn and serve as sauce.

Serves 4. Bon Appetit!

If you are wondering about the picture, it's HRO Karl Willem inspecting the Cannabis Sativa plantation in Amsterdam during a courtesy call. Sativa produces a more cerebral type of high while Indica produces a sleepy type of high. The Dutch farmers were the first to cross-breed the two types creating the F-1 hybrid called "The Flying Dutchman" (50% sativa, 50% indica). Because the Dutch weather is actually cold and wet, Cannabis is normally grown under artificial light provided by high pressure sodium lamps.

Do you want fries with that? After doing my academic reading for the night (with the B-movie "Demolition Man" providing the background noise), it came time to relax and have a near-midnight snack while watching a live cosmetic surgery. On the abbatoir tonight, ready to be carved, is a 37 year old woman. She had multiple procedures the first of which involves removing flab from her inner tighs (left pictures...I can pause live tv!). The fat removed oddly reminds me of fish fillet. The second procedure involves a 'scarless' breast augmentation (right pictures). The incision is made along the areola to hide the scar. She went from a size A to a size C. And if we are to believe that character in "Fight Club", the fat removed from cosmetic surgery will soon find its way as soap. Remember that whenever you take a bath.

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Vatican Gossip. This is one of the hallways that leads to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. I probably got lost here three times (looking for the loo). Raphael painted a great number of rooms but was so impressed by Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling when he sneaked into it (Michaelangelo refused to let anyone see his work in progress). Anyways, so awestruck was Raphael that he went back to his frescoe called "The School of Athens" and inserted an image of Michaelangelo in the foreground. Well, back to my Vatican gossip... My mole tells me that the election of the new pope will be truly revolutionary this year. The 115 cardinals will be auditioned in a new format called "Pope Idol" with the last 15 candidates put forward for text voting to eliminate one each week. The initial format will be of "Fear Factor"-type tasks such as "Spot the only gay in the village", "Pater Noster in Rap", "Casting the first stone" and there is talk of "Survivor" type tasks in which two groups of cardinals will vie for immunity from being voted out.....................

(God invented humour and not send me hate mail.)

I was about to sleep when "Cosmetic Surgery Live" came on. And so I watched a thirtysomething get her cheeks lifted using a 'scarless' procedure by making the incision underneath the eyelid and inserting a claw-like thingamajig that grabs on to the cheek muscle while the other end is fastened to a hole drilled on the cheekbone thereby giving a facelift. I must admit, I lost my drowsiness, transfixed at the lengths taken to try to turn back time. Of course, most of these procedures are vanities. The show is on everyday this week, which means I will be sleeping at midnight to watch my daily dose of blood and gore.

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

The Return of the King. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem enjoying the sunshine atop his granite plinth.

Humanity is saved! These gallant mini-warriors have heeded the Call of the House of Orange and pledge their allegiance to HRO Karl Willem. Off into the great beyond to do battle against the evil mega-franchises like Starbucks and McDonald's, these brave mini-warriors saddle up their steed and ride like the wind. Such courage! Such dedication to the cause! (See girl on the right convince her father that this is the right thing to do "Let me go daddy, for the Call of the Orange is a noble cause").

Saturday, 9 April 2005

A view of the English Channel from the ruins of the first Norman Castle in England. William the Conqueror had this built after the great battle of 1066. Built on sandstone cliffs, storm waves have slowly devoured great sections of the castle complex. It is in places like this where I wish I had a saber or foil. I can do a remake of the greatest swashbuckling movie ever.... "The Princess Bride".

This is brunch. What a good way to enjoy the beachfront view, with the seagulls flying menacingly above....Fruit cake and coffee....both uppers!

This is the Hastings Pier as seen from the beach. Built sometime in the 1870ish. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix have all performed on the Pier during its glory days. Sadly, it's now a mini-shopping complex-cum-gambling arcade on stilts. So instead, I show you two german shepherds enjoying their early morning walk on the beach. It makes a better picture.

Friday, 8 April 2005

Chick riding a horse....well, sort's the Harvey Nichols department store window treatment....I wonder if they were going to give away those life-size horses after this campaign, it would be a cool addition to my stuffed toy gang....HRO Karl Willem wouldn't mind having a horse...(anybody keen on breaking into a department store at night to steal some horses? I am looking for 10 people to make it Nashman's Eleven.....)

More sugar high. Went to Harrod's with my cousin just so we can get Krispy Kreme donuts. We were going to spend the weekend in Hastings and we needed sugar. I probably ate 7 donuts in a span of 24 hours....

Sunday, 3 April 2005

After burning calories, we deserved to regain them. So off to Leicester Square Haagen Dazs to shamelessly get our sugar high. I had coffee..while the girls (Anna "I've got comfy shoes", Edna "Fendi-licous", Jessica "I shop because deserve happiness" and Nazeera "What does this mean") ate ice-cream equivalent to calories that is more than necessary for a bear to hibernate.

Anna and I stopped by the Byzantine-style Westminster Cathedral to pay tribute to Giovanni Paolo II. Signed the book of condolences, and as we came out of Church following Cardinal Murphy O'Connor, I was about to get two minutes of fame as I was keen to be interviewed by the BBC when I saw Edna waving like a cat out of water summoning us from across the Plaza . Anyways, back to His Holiness GP II, he was a charismatic pope and despite me being a liberal catholic, I must confess that Karol was a great leader of his flock. He was a world-class philosopher and I still remember how he eloquently answered Euclid's "Cogito Ergo Sum" with stunning simplicity.

Richard the Lionheart enjoying the London sunshine. If the statue could speak it'd probably be "I want my Haagen Dazs or the Pillsbury Doughboy will fall with a swing of my mighty Sword".

My fellow Cantabrigian collegemate Oliver "Off with his head" Cromwell. My college chapel has his skull and his portrait hangs in our Hall. We had to cover his portrait with cloth everytime we toasted the Queen during formal dinners (But we rarely give a toast to the Queen in Sidney Sussex anyway). I think we (ie. me and him....we can even include Carol Vorderman) put the "Sexy" in Sidney Sussexy College.....

As we walked along the northbank, there were hints that Anna was afraid of heights. And so crossing the Millenium Bridge was a great way to torture her. I could not believe that someone who grew up in Baguio would be afraid of heights, much less crossing foot bridges. When it was first opened, the Millenium bridge which stretched from St. Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern was truly at par with Benguet's notorious hanging bridges (truly shaky). Now, it has been stabilised. It still wobbles but not as much. After taking baby steps crossing the bridge, I dragged Anna up the Tate Modern balcony at Level 4 for a better view of the Cathedral. I'm sure she likes heights by now.

And so we meet again. Anna came down to London from Leicester wearing comfortable walking shoes. The sun was shining and there was much gossip to be exchanged while strolling. Who dated who, who did who, who married who, who had a sex change....and so on among our primary school classmates. There were many surprising revelations. I remember Anna's hair was short back then. Now it's long and shining. Maybe she isn't tomboyish after all, or probably she has a lucrative shampoo endorsement deal. We had lunch at chinatown (no fortune cookie!), made our way from Trafalgar along the North bank to St. Paul's Cathedral, crossed the Thames via the Millenium bridge, gallivanted along the South Bank, found our way to Westminster Cathedral, watched the sunset the from Buckingham Palace roundabout, made futile attempts to communicate with the fat squirrels of St. James park before pigging out again in Leicester square. And, for the 10 kilometers we walked today, Anna kept boasting how comfy her shoes were.

After 15 years, I'm finally going to catch up with an elementary classmate. While waiting for her train (on the wrong platform! and on the wrong station!), caught a glimpse of the now famous entrance to the Hogwart's train. They've finished shooting the 4th movie last summer, and despite the fact that they shot a lot of scenes in Oxford, I've only seen the first movie......

Saturday, 2 April 2005

My 2nd birthday cream actually....coconut ice cream served on a coconut husk with everyone singing happy birthday (nevermind that it was 3 days ago). I should cut down on the calories if I want to live longer....By the way, have you heard about the guy who choked to death after eating long life noodles?....

How lucky I feel that I was still able to catch a ride on one of these Red Routemasters. These classic London peoplemovers turned 50 last year but are going to be phased out soon. It's an old-fashioned bus where you can jump on or off from an open platform at the rear and had a conductor. I hope London changes its mind and keeps these workhorses on the else are they going to sell all those postcards.....

Woke up with a hang-over but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. After downing a lethal dose of caffeine, Edna called me up and ordered me to haul my ass off to London. It took me two and a half bloody hours to get from the barrio to Notting hill. Continued my weeklong birthday mood by stopping at the flagship Apple store (Steve Jobs is god), eating Godiva chocolates (for free!), having coffee with really nice friends somewhere in the backstreets of Oxford circus, capped by a late dinner at Gabriel's wharf. While this was happening, Edna was truly Imeldific as she managed to squeeze in her shopping without anyone noticing until shopping bags began to sprout like magic mushrooms from out of nowhere. I have a love-hate relationship with London, but today the weather was good for walking. Crashed into Ariel's city flat for the night. He lives with a Russian pole dancer.....what a cool flatmate.....

This has got to be one of the coolest wine labels for a Merlot - "Casillero del Diablo". I am feeling horny now.....grrrrrrowl. (Thanks to everyone who brought poison, Louise for the Merlot, Denise for the Rioja, and Kelly for the liters of Edna for the bottle of Absolut). We should all take a liver function test, I'm getting too old for this.....

Friday, 1 April 2005

My birthday cake. I got this cake on my pigeon hole from Lourdes. Joma (the Communist) and Ashley ("I'm the only gay in the village") threw a a belated "surprise" birthday party for me in conjunction with the Geography department dinner....

Spring is finally here. Sun is up and the days are finally getting longer, even the flowers look yummy.....but I guess our college garderner wouldn't be amused if I made some of the flowers into a jam....