Thursday, 5 May 2005

It's election day. George Dubya's poster boy in Europe won a third term. It was a case of choosing the lesser evil. At least the election was largely uneventful.

Back home, that cheater and pathological liar Gloria Arroyo is still the supreme bitch. Last I checked, that incompetent idiot Michael Defensor was still hanging on to the post of environment secretary (How he even got this post despite being seriously unqualified and corrupt defies logic). Aarrrgh...I must go out now for a beer to calm down.

Sunday, 1 May 2005

For the second night in a row, Ashley has hosted dinner. This was also the first meeting of the Filipino-Hungarian Society. Our mandate is to form a new "axis of eveeeyl". Dinner was roast chicken but there was no dessert. So we moved to Brasenose where a glass of port and chocolates capped the day. Calorie Count: 15000. Shameful.

After a lazy afternoon, I took a quick change in time for dinner at Rupert Murdoch's college. As I was early, Ashley and me took a walk around the sprawling Worcester College gardens. (The only college in Oxford with it's own Burnham Lake-sized lake. I think it's just a disguise for Murdoch's subterranean headquarters for world domination). Anyways, while running away from the tourists who wanted to take a picture as we wore gowns (damn that Harry Potter), I lost my contact lenses among overgrown weeds.

A short walk along the river and I found a wonderful sight. Could this be the bird that lays the golden eggs? I suddenly have the urge to eat balut. I wonder why....

May Day afternoon was spent drinking coffee and admiring the peacocks at the Trout. As I was cycling, I saw a couple of Brasenosers taking a dip in the river. Not a good idea if you are far downstream, what with all the horses and cows grazing nearby. I make a mental note of who these people are and program myself not to sit next to them at dinner.

A typical garbage bin after May morning revelries. It's 9am. It's time to take a short siesta.

The Garden of Earthly Delights. St. Hilda's has many a dark and private corner for quiet studies, the ocassional spliff, and the all-too familiar Hildabeast comforting a weary sailor. In a referendum last year, St. Hilda's voted overwhelmingly to not to admit male students. That being said, do not linger long inside the college, especially if you are a male, as repressed Hildabeasts are known to hunt in packs....

After the so-called best and the brightest took the painful plunge into the deep recesses of the River Isis, it was time for breakfast at that all-female college called St. Hilda's. The Hildabeasts, as they are called, prepared croissants, coffee, and scrambled eggs but forgot to chill the champagne! It's bad enough that we've started drinking at 7 am, but to drink warm champagne? How uncivilised. To be fair, St. Hilda's does have pretty gardens and has direct access to the river. This is a great advantage as weary sailors on furlough can just follow the River Thames upstream on small boats to reach the lustful Hildabeasts who are more than happy to provide earthly pleasures in between their studies. It has been this way for centuries.

May Day. Spring is officially here. And as this is associated with fertility, expect lots of January babies...

Tuxedo - £211
Bop Ticket - £5
Chequered Socks - £20
Booze - £43

Getting so drunk on May Day morning and passing out on the bridge allowing us to make poses and take pictures - Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else...........

The May Day tradition of doing a stupid stunt lives on. A hundred people took the 25-foot jump from Magdalen bridge into 3 feet of River Cherwell. Forty people were injured - broken ankles, twisted legs, spinal injuries, some scratches, and lots of crying. The paramedics were not too amused at this but as an Oxford tradition, it had to be done. I hope to jump next year.

In the rest of the world, May Day is Labor day observed with mammoth anti-government rallies. Not in Oxford, where twelve thousand zombies who partied all night (including me) pack Magdalen to hear a choir welcome spring from the tower. You have to show up at 5am to secure a spot on the bridge. Most are still in their ball dresses, thankfully I had a chance to get home for a shower, only to be delayed by Stella who took time putting on make-up (At 5am!). I remember being dragged by Isabel to the bridge but in the confusion, I lost her. Thankfully, I was with Stella and Nemenja who enjoyed passing judgement on the fashion sense of others.