Saturday, 31 December 2005

Happy Leap Second

Woke up near noon and quickly got into the shameful couch potato mode. Somewhere in the South Pacific it turned 2006 but I was more interested in the 20 music video and 35 travel channels on my aunt's sky digibox. I watched a travelogue of two guys who traveled from Calcutta to London on Royal Enfield Motorbikes. Dammit, I want to travel soon.

So as we count down towards the new year, we need to add 1 leap second..5,4,3,2,1,1...2006! This is to account for the wobble in the Earth's orbit. This wobble is caused by all the fat people who screw up the earth's rotation, and they're mostly concentrated in the First World countries and some burger-eating colonies like the Philippines. Extinction by a direct asteriod hit? Nuclear meltdown? Hell no! Pretty soon the Earth's orbit will skew towards the sun and we will all crash and burn from all the Big Macs and Happy Meals we've been having.

It's so cold I can't feel my hands. In contrast, my homies (Josh et al) are enjoying the always warm south china sea. Surfing, siestas, and roadtrips. Those lucky Bastards. Today I went to the beach and there was a nice series of 3-4 foot waves. They are definitely surf-able but you have to be a total nutcase to do so in this cold. I stood on the sand barriers watching the waves crash. I did not venture too close as I didn't want to get wet and die of hypothermia.

At 4pm GMT I wanted to celebrate the Philippine New Year so I went to my local cafe, Tintin, which serves Belgian Trappist brews. The Barista is new but she is just as pretty as the previous one. Maybe prettier. The cafe noir was wicked and my knees turned into jelly everytime the barista smiled at me and made small talk. Thank God I have three days here. I will drink every poison those Belgian monks brew in their monasteries just to see her everyday.

4pm is too early for beer so I celebrated Philippine New Year by having black coffee.

Friday, 30 December 2005

Master in the Making

The weather outlook for the next few days is more snow, sleet, rain, and subzero temperatures. I was happy to catch a train out of Middle Earth before I risked getting stranded.

Before going to my aunt's place in the coast (ok, so I'm not exactly escaping the cold), I stopped at the National Gallery to catch the Peter Paul Rubens exhibition. Around 90 of his works loaned from private and public collections around the world including the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Prado in Madrid, and the Louvre are displayed under one roof and trace 15 years of his development from an apprentice to master. Rubens' canvasses include lots of female nudity (breasts and tits galore), horses in motion (I would not be surprised if Rubens is my friend Ritchie's favorite old master painter as he painted a lot of horses), violence, larger than life mythological gods and heroes in motion, and of course the mandatory religious pictures and portraits for his rich patrons. Consider two of his earlier paintings below when he was still a small fry in Antwerp (top: "The Battle of the Amazons" and bottom: his first version of "The Judgement of Paris"). He can't quite pull off multifigure compositions like Leonardo nor could he draw the human anatomy dramatically and correctly as Michelangelo. In fact, in his first "Judgement of Paris", not only are Venus, Juno, and Minerva static but their skin tones are off. (What a lucky guy this Paris! He was asked which of the three goddesses is the prettiest and so they parade naked in a Zoolander-like walk-off. Eventually, he chooses Venus. Of course the small breasts and rounded belly version of female beauty has been sabotaged by anorexic Barbie).

In Antwerp, Rubens was just a white belter so off he went to Italy to learn from the works of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael plus that master of light and shadows Caravaggio. Eventually, he learned how to draw the human form correctly, how to animate multiple figures, and to use texture and lighting. The transformation is amazing and I'm impressed (I'm not a serious art student in any sense, but even my barriotic and naive eyes can see the big improvement in Rubens' style).

My picture of Rubens' "Samson and Delilah" does not give the actual painting justice but this is one nice example of Rubens' new mastery of both rippling musculature and lighting. ("Samson and Delilah" in the real painting shows it as if it was already lit from the left side)

I never heard of this classic story of "how a devoted daughter gave her breast to her starving imprisoned father" until this exhibit. I guess the censors of my conservative Catholic school banned this humanist story. Rubens tackles this subject in "Roman Charity (Cimon and Pero)" shown below using the same study he used for "Samson and Delilah".

Of course, even if this exhibit only showed the painting below, it is worth waiting in line even in the pouring rain. It's one of Rubens' masterpieces showing everything he learned and copied from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "The Massacre of the Innocents" is one of the most violent but well executed old master paintings and the most expensive, having been bought by a private collector at Sotheby's for £49.5M (or $77M plus change). There is motion, emotion, energy, and drama. And if you want shocking trivia, that man on the right about to smash the baby into the column was adapted from Michelangelo's drawing of Christ bursting from his tomb!

After three hours at the National Gallery I was surprised to find that across the street was a photography exhibit by Bryan Adams entitled "Canadian Beauty". Too bad it was too late in the afternoon to go see it. But oh well, I had enough art for the day and the Rubens experience will be too hard to trump for a long time.

My second coffee for the day was at Waterstone's bookstore where I read a very nice argument of why it's not wrong to be carnivorous. I also learned that in the old times "coffee was the ritual drink of priests who used it as an aid to meditation".........

Waiting for a train from Charing Cross to Hastings. The info board said more bad weather and the station was full of anxious passengers. Thankfully my train wasn't cancelled and while waiting I played with a hyperactive police dog.

Thursday, 29 December 2005

The Latest Gossip

It's too cold to go out but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the outside world

I'm beginning to enjoy my mini-vacation. Nevermind that I'm trapped in freezing Middle Earth. I woke up at 11am and struggled to figure out what day it was. Nothing else worth ranting or sharing in my blog except what was on the papers. I think the best news is that the European Space Agency had a successful deployment of the pioneer craft for the Galileo satellite project. Why is this so important to me (and to you, and to everyone)? Because this will rival/render obsolete for public use the US Military-controlled Global Positioning System. And it's about time. Anyone who's used a gps receiver knows that the signal is very weak and doesn't work in built-up areas. (I've only used gps in the Philippines, because we don't have accurate maps, but the signal is easily lost in mountainous areas). Also, because it's US Military-controlled, the transmitted coordinates are actually offset by 10+ metres and they can switch it off from the public anytime they want! The Galileo Project is entirely civilian controlled, accurate to 1m, and provides 4 visible satellites 90% of the time (compared to 3 for gps). Of course there is big downside to this. Mobile phones fitted with the Galileo chip could be used as a homing device. Well, current mobile phones are already actually homing devices but they can only track you within a 6-mile radius. Imagine then a Galileo chip on a cellphone with an accuracy of 1m. It makes it harder for girlfriends/wives/etc to send a text such as "I'm jst @ work" when they are actually somewhere else cheating on you.......

A Soyuz rocket blasts off from Baikonur....and now time for some Austin Powers jokes about the shape of that rocket......

Hell, if Marilyn Frigging Manson can get a pretty girl like Dita to marry him, fugly guys like me can rejoice and hope......

Norway, the third biggest oil exporter after Saudi and Russia, will start to go dry on 2015. Thank God I have a bicycle....

Monsieur Chirac is losing it. Every paper today revealed he acted as a "casting director" and wanted Sophie Marceau to be in the Da Vinci Code movie but Audrey Tautou got it instead. Personally, I would have preferred my ex-flame Virginie Ledoyen...but heck, if even the French president can't get his way.......

In the afternoon I went to look for more bargains. Inside me, a battle of cataclysmic proportions raged. My na-kermet Ilocano conscience said "Haan, haan, haan" (No,no,no) but the little Imelda in all of us said "You need one shoe for every step on the Stairway to Heaven". And man, that is one very long stairway and I have some catching up to do... So like a Viking, I opened every box and left a trail of destruction. Fortunately for my wallet, after an hour of battle, I could not find a shoe I liked in my size. I have such small feet. And you know what they say about men who have small feet.............

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Shameful Consumerism

The Balkan contingent having dimsum at Chinatown. And when dining with the lovely people of Belgrade and Novi Sad it's rude to be wearing an "I *heart* Clinton" t-shirt. I quickly changed to my "Tito is da Bomb" t-shirt...

Middle Earth has been having snow showers lately. I hate snow showers. Besides, it's kinda late for that and we can't be singing "...dreaming of a white new year's". Anywho, I was worried that the highways would be too slippery. Fortunately the snow melted quickly and I went off yesterday to London to meet my Serbian friends. I arrived in Marble Arch at 5ish and had to find my way through the thick rush of shoppers who, true to Murphy's Law, were going in the opposite direction. It was too easy to find my Serbian darlings Nemanja and Svetlana in Chinatown, just look for the 6-foot tall stunners with legs up to *here* (the level of my armpits). We had cocktails at Bar Room Bar and I got tipsy quickly with one (!!) serving of Cosmopolitan. We headed off to a dimsum place which looked like a big martial arts/triad/gambling den movie set. We were half expecting Jackie Chan as a policeman to arrive and kung-fu up the place because there must be something whack going on in the basement. After dinner, it was window shopping at Carnaby street (nevermind that the shops were already closed) and drinks at Bar Digress. The bartender looked like Napoleon Dynamite and we were all sissies and ordered hot chocolate. This took the bartender by surprise. "I'll see what I can do". Hello, it's only hot chocolate, and no rhum or whisky in it please. With my Serbian posse I always have a good time. I guess it's the common thread of us being "third world-ish".

Today, I broke my piggybank and decided that since everyone was doing it, I might as well go with the flow and do a little bit of sale-shopping. I spent the morning looking for new eyeglasses and still can't decide on which frame to get. It's all still expensive for me although I have my eyes on a titanium Giorgio Armani frame. The optician kept recommending some Emporio Armani frames but I told him "Sorry, if I'm going to buy an Armani, it might as well be the Giorgio range and not the watered down for the masses Emporio". Bah, in the end I'll probably end up bringing my rubbish i2i sunglasses and go "here is my frame, just refit them with prescription lenses". In the afternoon, I went to Bicester Village.........

In any shop having a sale where women and girls are allowed in, total chaos ensues. Top right: the Diesel tiangge; bottom right: the confusion at Ralph Lauren. Of course, even in mens' stores when you let women in, the effect is the same - Top left: an ukay-ukay table suddenly materialises in the Hugo Boss store; bottom left: boyfriends/husbands left stranded as the women go rampage in Paul Smith. I could only spend 1 minute at most under such conditions.

Compare the calm and stress free environment at the strictly for men only stores. (top: Gieves & Hawkes, bottom: HRO Karl Willem's favorite store Ermenegildo Zegna).

No more college trust fund for the kids. Seriously, a Dolce & Gabbana store for 0-10 year olds??? Are they frigging joking? I don't think a baby would even notice what brand it's wearing, I think this is more for the sicko parents who want to bling-blingify their kids. When ah wuz young, it was the 3 fer 100 peso t-shirts on the bangketa dammit. Although, I must say I did my best to find if my feet could fit in those ridicously sexy boots for kinders. "Mummy, I want me one of them!"

It's a relief that the high-end Vans shoes are still made in my beloved Las Islas Filipinas. For how long, only the Chinese whispers can say....

My steal of the day. Many years ago, during my interview at the Aussie Embassy in Manila the consul told me "So you are from Baguio" pause, looks under the table at my shoes "so where are your boots mate?". Well here they are Jilleroo "I got these made for walking and they're gonna walk all over you"....

Some well dressed canines. Personal shopper The Nashman got a cashmere scarf from Charles Tyrwhitt for HRO Karl Willem, Camper boots for Wily E. Coyote, and a lambswool jumper from Fat Face for Gromit. I know I'm still broke but I don't feel guilty at all because I got them all on sale and very quickly....except the cashmere scarf, that was a purchase that took an hour because the salesgirl was really pretty. I asked lots of ridiculous questions such as "I'm thinking of becoming vegetarian, do you think it's morally right for me to wear cashmere?".......

Monday, 26 December 2005

Boxing Day

After three days of eating Ilocoslovakian-Torogi food, where the meat fat is just as important as the salt, this is what best describes how I look and feel....

Boxing day, or the Second Day of Christmas, is so called because historically this is when the servants/slaves/serfs would carry a box to collect any gifts from their masters (Damn, the republican, socialist, and libertarian in me hates this definition). Of course, in the Commonwealth countries this is when stores begin to dump their old inventory at rock bottom prices creating long queues before opening times and a mad rush for the same limited items thereby resulting in agressive behaviour such as punching the lights out of your fellow shopper. (Last year there was even a big riot at Ikea). A poor student like me certainly appreciates the big winter sales that start on Boxing Day but today is also the Tsunami anniversary so I did my best to exercise some restraint. The only useless shops I went to were Zara, D&G, and Debenham's. Of course, being Filipino, I browsed at ALL the shoe stores along my way but did not buy anything. I did spend a lot of time in the big DVD/Music stores and got three bargains. The first is the original 1969 Michael Caine Brit-flick "The Italian Job". This is one of the best car-chase movies ever. The 2003 version is not bad but to understand why they drove Mini-Coopers, it has to be seen in the original setting of Turin rather than Los Angeles. The second thing I got was "Shaun of the Dead" which is a great Brit parody of the George Romero original. The "Living Dead" genre has been remade and updated many times but only those directed by George Romero himself are worth collecting. The third film was "The Transporter" which I haven't seen yet but reportedly has some slick action sequences. And if the price drops to the 'tipping point' I will get Luc Besson's French car chase pleasers "Taxi 1 & 2". Of course sales are tricky because while the prices drop each week, the stock could also be depleted. And this happened to me today when, hesitating at getting a special re-issue of the Fonda/Hopper/Nicholson road trip masterpiece "Easy Rider" at its current price, a lady beat me to the last copy. I would have exercised some territorial agression but the beeyatch was 30kg heavier than me. I was also looking for Audrey Hepburn's escapist farce "Roman Holiday" but it was out of stock. (Audrey is my dream girl, I'd sell BOTH my dog and cat to Hormel if it means a date with Audrey when she was my age. Hell, I'd give BOTH my dog and cat for FREE to Hormel for that)

The Boxing Day TV/DVD Nashman Happy Meal. Cooking time: 30 minutes, Couch-potato time: "till my eyes pop out of their sockets".....(actually the proper phrase is "till my eyelids shut down like an ageing spinster's vagina")


His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, The Nashman, and The House of Orange wish everyone a Maligayang Pasko. Jesus gonna be here.....quick, look busy.

I went to Milton Keynes to celebrate my nephew's 8th birthday on the 23rd and rather than be miserable and alone during Christmas I decided to stay till Boxing day. He has, after all, a PS2, tons of boys' toys, and lots of DVDs. And, Milton Keynes has a ski slope, wakeboarding lake, the biggest mall in the midlands, and miles of cycle paths. (Not that I was going to do anything strenous beyond pressing the tv remote, but it's nice to know these things are available). For three days I was a proud couch potato. Christmas Eve was like a big Tagabanbantay (Baguio) get-together and we clogged our arteries with bulalo, dinuguan, and embutido and other things not really on the traditional Pinoy Noche Buena menu but was prepared because everyone wanted a taste of home.

Food at my nephew's 8th birthday.

As it was a children's birthday party, the usual suspects were included (prayd tsiken, pansit, lumpia, cake, leche flan). But of course we needed to keep the arteks (adults) happy as well so bistek, pinapaitan (a sweet Ilocoslovakia entrails-based dish), kaldereta (goat has to be goat to BE called kaldereta, if it's made of beef and people insist on calling it caldereta, they should be SHOT with a palsi-it), stuffed giant squid, fried pasayan (shrimp). My nephew already has the posh accent yet, his party menu was true to his Iluko-Torogi roots and the entertainment was provided by guests Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. After a few shots "Oh, it's so lovely dahling. Please, pass me the shrimps, luv" (say without breathing through your mouth) was replaced with "Okin-nana, i-awat mo ketdi datta pulutan adi ta man-inom tako" (pronounce as spelled but harden the consonants and shorten all the vowels for the true Ilocoslovakian accent)

RoboSapien's pet toy

My brat of a nephew was lucky enough to get the must-have toy this season for his birthday present (Well, I'm having second thoughts seeing how cool this toy is. I want it for me,me,me,me). It was the LAST RoboRaptor toy in the store so no-one was killed just so my nephew's birthday wish could be fulfilled! It wasn't like this in MY time. We didn't have toys that had machine intelligence, fully articulated motion, optical and touch sensors, and the ability to respond to aural stimuli. Dammit, during MY time it was an old Milo/Ovaltine can and my flipflops (tumba-lata) if you wanted interactive games. If you wanted the frigging toy soldier to move, YOU had to go move it. If you wanted the frigging toy soldier to talk, you had to be a frigging ventriloquist.

Why amps are necessary. A Nashman primer for non-geeks. Click to enlarge and learn something new.

My cousin is a nurse and so naturally my nephew's party was full of nurses and as people naturally talk about work even when they are NOT in work, I had to listen to acronyms which I know not what they mean. But then I evesdropped 'limousine', 'vip patient', and 'Jim Marshall' used in many sentences. It took a few seconds before the complex network in my brain connected the dots Milton Keynes=Marshall Amps Headquarters. Holy Toledo, Batman! Jim Marshall is my cousin's patient!!!!!! Jim Marshall founded Marshall Amplification, the Iconic Brit amplifier manufacturer. Then another of my cousin's colleagues told how some guy in long shaggy hair visited Jim yesterday (it turned out to be Slash) plus some bloke "called" Pete Townshend was giving away signed cd's awhile ago during his visit to poor old Jim. I can't blame that some of them had no clue who Pete is, but dammit, this is a man who made me force someone to queue in the pouring rain just to get tickets to see The Who play again. I missed them all because I took my time leaving Oxford. I stared at my cousin and shouted to her "Hukin-nana, pak! shet! Apay haan mo in-text kanyak ta nasapa-ak koma!" (Too rude to be translated). Just to educate some blog readers (5 as of last count) who may not know it, Jim Marshall invented the Marshall Stack and without it we'd never have properly experienced Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix really took off after he started collaborating with Jim). In short, music IS as we know it because of Jim Marshall. Marshall is also one of the few remaining amp companies who still have valve/vacuum-tube based amps in their product line. Now, most new amps use solid-state transistors but these are not robust enough when the amps are overdriven. Transistors clip the signal but valves round off the signal and this makes a big big difference to the "colour" of the sound. For the non-ECEs refer to my hand-drawn illustration above for amp basics. (Blast from the past: Me and my friend Josh were the only two idiots in class who decided to use IC 7401 in designing our power amps. It was a painful experience). So dammit, give me a scrub suit. I will give Jim a sponge bath and kiss his ass if I have to. I think I will stalk the hospital now until he includes me in his will to inherit a couple of those amps....

My brat nephew is sooooo lucky to have been born two days before Christmas! He gets to open two sets of presents! Fortunately he got the toys that I also like (none of that toy gun rubbish). He got lots of constructor sets and we (mostly ME really as I'm a big selfish bully) had fun assembling it...Wahooo!

Look what I managed to do in an hour! That's a 16-inch long lego model of a destroyer, accurate down to the decals. (Be envious, be very envious).

A picture of my chest and torso......and a skateboard (it's there! the front edge is barely visible but it's there!)

Every household in Milton Keynes has at least one skateboard (You have to go to Milton Keynes to know why). Just because I have a bum ankle and was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease 15 years ago that ended my pro skateboarding career doesn't mean I can't dust off the the old set of wheels for an early morning thrashing of the neighborhood pavement once in a while. I wanted to teach my nephew some old-school tricks. Ok, this photo doesn't give justice to my boarding skills and my right tit is showing through my wet t-shirt (click to enlarge picture and cyberfondle my tit with the cursor) but I myself was truly surprised that I could still hold my balance while lifting the front wheels in motion. Lest I get hate mail from the nanny state, I explicitly told my nephew to wear protective gear while boarding until he qualifies for full coverage insurance like me. This is one reason why I do not skateboard in Baguio, my Pinoy insurance is littered with fine print at font 2.5 and I doubt that any form of sport injury is covered.....that and the fact that you must be suicidal to be skateboarding anywhere around a 1 mile radius from Rimando Road where I live. This is not because it's an area full of steep hills and hairpin curves but because this is where the maniacal drivers of Trancoville/Aurora Hill/Trinidad Vice Versa Jeepneys ply their route.

This is a view of the world from a couch potato. Catching up with my dvd backlog.

It's hard to move your ass during three days of feasting. I have high standards as to what movies I'll watch (and spend my money on) but this is not one of those days. Along with the usual crappy Hollywood "it's so bad- it's so good" movies my cousin had two Tangalog "horror movies" which I started to watch near midnight just to give them a fair chance of giving me a scare (I always end up laughing so hard at Tangalog Horror flicks). The first movie was shot in my beloved city of Baguio called "Nasaan ka man naroroon" (or something). It's a passable film but I must point out a few errors. One, Baguio does not have a New Year's Eve midnight mass in Tagalog, all the services are in English. Two, fog does not rise from the ground like concert smoke effects. Three, Baguio does not have ANY religious festival with dancing icons to the tune of the Panagbenga theme. That's so NOT right. Four, Echo's family's VW has an N-license plate. Old Baguio cars have A-license plates. Five, D'Rising Sun Bus does NOT go to Manila, and for a supposedly rich family, you would not go to Manila on an ordinary bus (sans aircon) and definitely NOT on a D'Rising Sun bus. Six, even the "posh" Baguio Tagalog accent would not pronounce "papa" as "pa-pah" (stacatto and short 'a'). It should be "pa-pa" (soft vowel, medium speed). In fact, while we call our mothers "ma-ma", "daddy" is more commonly used to refer to the paternal power instead of "pa-pa". The next film I saw was "Spirit of the Glass". All I can say for this film is that I want 1.5 hours of my life back please. You don't need to be Nostradamus to predict how this film progresses. And for BOTH films, I need to say that "You could have at least hired proper LIGHTING technicians". Just because it's a horror film DOESN'T mean that everything should be frigging dark gadammit! NO NORMAL human being goes "Oh, look we're living in a haunted house, let's turn off all the lights and live with candles instead". Of course even the big budget Hollywood studios churn some really oh-so-bad-it's-not-funny movies. I watched "Fantastic 4" and they fucking ruined it like they ruined Daredevil, Aeon Flux, and Batman (Clooney)! The storyline was thin and the pacing was awful. It's a disgrace to comic-book lovers like me! Fortunately my tv/dvd-watching marathon was saved by classics like "Edward Scissorhands", "Toy Soldiers", and a Simpsons Marathon. Their Christmas specials are the best, especially the one where Marge and Ned try to save Homer and Bart from converting to Catholicism with the Buddhist Lisa saving the day.

Friday, 23 December 2005

Welcome to Our World: HRO Karl Willem and a Mini-Tour of His Middle Earth Home

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem Welcomes You to Brasenose

It's such a bummer being stuck in Middle Earth for Christmas. I couldn't resist but look at my tattered Flip passport to see if any of my visas are still valid but a quick check at the last minute airline prices and my bank account showed that I needed to burn, rape, pillage, and plunder at least one village to raise some moolah to be able to afford to travel on such short notice. Also, the reality check on how little my stash was meant I could only window shop today at the useless stores (this means avoiding any gadget/computer/electronics or shoes/trekking or books/audio/video shops and being demoted to cheap clothes stores like (shudder) Next, Zara and Gap, places where I bore very quickly). But the peace-flag waving/fair trade/charity-giving part of my heart said I should really stop complaining (and that I don't really need to buy anything for myself this Christmas because I've been a baaaaad boy).
We have Brasenose all to ourselves this Holiday break so His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and I would like to show you some pictures. It will take more than a day to show the jewels of Brasenose but here's a start.....

HRO Karl Willem welcomes you to the dining hall.......

The High Table is only set for two because it's just me and His Royal Orangeness

This is the Brazen Nose. A door knocker that opens up to another dimension. It dates back to the 12th century, was stolen during the 14th century rebellion (the rebellion produced Stamford and Cambridge, Stamford was easily suppressed and it's only a matter of time before our armies vanquish the Orcs of Cambridge). This door knocker to rule them all was finally recovered from the rebels in 1890 and now hangs in its rightful place.

Our coat of arms protected by a Lion and Bicorn (a well endowed Unicorn). The bicorn has an anatomically correct penis that is precisely 13.5 inches long. This is to remind all students who come up to Brasenose of the value of Humility. Across the centuries, this grand phallus has been stolen once and has been sheated with a pink condom. (And there was one documented case of a Hildabeast, from the only remaining all girls college in Oxford, caught performing fellatio on the phallus). Women are advised not to look at it directly as it tends to make them horny quickly. (Click picture to enlarge, but you have been warned....)

Some of the infamous people to have lived in Brasenose before HRO Karl Willem include Prime Minister Addington.....

....William Golding who wrote "Lord of The Flies" and left his Nobel Prize medal on a cabinet in another room (more on this in the future)...

...and this person which still puzzles me. I think this is the first documented case of dressing in drag....that face can't possibly be of a woman......