Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Breaking From the Usual Diary Entry, Apparently I've Been Tagged........

Hello, I'd like to invite your wife for a roadtrip across Russia......

It's a slow news day and I wouldn't have blogged but someone dared 'tag' me which is kinda a first.

I'm not usually into forwarding emails, sending chain mail, or into blogrolling but since this 'tagging' bit doesn't require tinkering with html, I'm going to give it a go instead of brushing it aside while doing the 'whateva, see if I care' hand gesture.

Even hardened loners like me need their small egos massaged from time to time.

Aba may interesado pala sa laman ng aking music player. Well, probably not really 'cause tagging is like sending chain mail and one has to 'tag' a billion other people otherwise bad luck will fall on those who break the chain.

Anyways, the 'meme/tag' is to name seven songs I am currently enjoying......

I've got a nano doesn't play music though but it definitely has rhythm....

I prefer listening to albums in their entirety so I'm going to name the seven albums recently uploaded on my cheap mp3 player.

And I can't be bothered to tag seven other people because I don't really have that many friends....


The last 7 albums I've recently uploaded to my player and that I'm currently enjoying:

1. Kanye West Late Orchestration - Live at Abbey Road Studios
If you should get only one Kanye West album, this live recording should be it. Backed by a 30-piece all female string orchestra and a female conductor this was one of the best concerts late last year. I like my rap with the social message and not the crass materialism of P. Diddy or 50 Cent. I'm Old School baby. The orchestral arrangements on K. West classics such as "Diamonds from Sierra Leone", "Touch the Sky"and , "Jesus Walks" are electrifying and Kanye is one of the more charismatic live performers out there. What I don't like about this album is the late insertion of "Gold Digger", a song he didn't perform at the Abbey Studios concert. It's a good song but it's clearly out of place.

2. Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Carmen McRae at Newport
Recorded at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. I mean, whoa - timeless, classic, makes me want to really let it all go and fall in love again.

3. Paco de Lucia - Concierto de Aranjuez
The second movement of Concierto de Aranjuez has always been my lullabye but when the maestro is playing it, you have to pay full attention. Precision fingering.

4. Rodrigo y Gabriela
Another instrumental album from a Mexican guitar duo. A mix of latin, flamenco, jazz, heavy metal (but acoustic) and wicked fretwork (Gabriela uses the guitar as a percussion instrument) these guys are better seen (and heard) live. In this eponymous album they provide an exciting take on the classic rock anthem "Stairway to Heaven". Get it and weep.

5. Paolo Nutini - These Streets
Another singer-songwriter "child" prodigy who makes me think hard about what I was up to when I was 18 (wanking probably). His first single "Last Request" may have been overplayed on radio but the entire album is solid. And, he is also better live. Ocassionally does covers (check out his version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"). I'm going to watch his gig in Lausanne in November because all the England dates are sold out. He's that good.

6. David Ford - I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused
Another singer songwriter sorta like Damien Rice. His song "I don't care what you call me" is my theme song to all those people who hate me. He does great covers too.

7. Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
Do I have to explain this classic?


JP Loh said...

Getting tagged isn't so bad after all. I get to read reviews.

Alternati said...

I'm big on Kanye West but I do like the studio version of Touch the Sky, I'm curious how it sounds with an orchestra.

Ella can scat like no other and Billie's voice is uber sensuous.

I'm intrigued bout David Ford. I have
Damien Rice's "O" mainly because of The Blower's Daughter.

592,000? that's twice the population of Baguio. sheesh!

The Nashman said...

Ask 'suki', I'm sure there's a bootlegged Kanye West out there.....better yet, get the DVD recording of the concert.

David Ford has some covers on his website I think....

Yeah it may be twice but 591,990 of them are fugly, no wonder they want to swap.....