Thursday, 14 September 2006

Go away, we will be away for as long as Eva is in my 'hood

Where in the world are HRO Karl Willem and The Nashman?

Grinning from ear to ear......

Bear with us as we try to get some sleep. Been Awake for 48hrs.

So what happened?

Architecture Week. Visited Foster's Swiss Re building (the one that looks like an uncut penis)and the City Hall (the one that looks like the ridges of my scrotum). Either way, they are both beautiful and functional. (And I mean the buildings, and my scrotum.)

Art Overload. Rushed to the Royal Academy to see the end of 'Modigliani and His Models' and saw Rodin's Gate of Hell (on loan from Zurich) being installed for the next exhibit. Went to see some surreal artworks at the rehanged Tate Modern (and if you have been reading this diary for sometime, I am no match to the surrealness of what I saw recently. WTF it's brilliant I kept muttering as I saw some really wicked installations. Even my sick mind couldn't have conceived of those!) I also visited the 2006 Watercolour Competition and disagreed with the judges on the third prize winner.

Working Visit from the Evil Hobbit. GMA was here so we had to give her a proper 'welcome'. Miriam Defensor was also here but I didn't get a chance to heckle her as I was in the loo. I don't know the rest, but there were some reaaaaaaally FUGLY people in the presidential entourage.

Celebrity Sightings. Met Monique Wilson (she doesn't look like the virginal Miss Saigon anymore with thick make-up...teka, di nga pala virgin si Miss Saigon kse diba may anak sya sa play??)

Saw one of the judges of British Pop Idol (or X-Factor whatever). Didn't recognize him at first (he was in the adjacent table) but the presence of paparazzi with loooooooong zoom lenses from a distance confirmed my suspicions.

I saw one of my idols, Simon Reeve. If you don't know him, tough. He's one of the best travel writers/presenters out there.

Film Shooting. And today I'm stalking EVA GREEN who is in town with Nicole Kidman shooting the first part of Pullman's Dark Materials Trilogy. The last time I saw Philip Pullman, he was protesting against the relocation of the canal boathouses in Middle Earth. I originally thought the film was Harry Potter after spotting Daniel Radcliffe two weeks ago (Man, he's waay taller than me now. What magic 'wand' did you wave Mr. Potter? Hmmm? Or Siguro nagpatuli. Or drank some of that milk with the song 'palaki ng palaki....') but the presence of more paparazzi and loads of security chasing them around were unusual for a Harry Potter filming. I feel smug of course because I can just walk IN and AROUND the main set. The main 'talking scenes' are being shot in Exeter College (so if you are from Exeter, I'll grant you sexual favours, including the really baaad dirrrty ones, if you can get me in the set to give Eva Green a hug. Nicole is still pretty but she's now married to that country guy.)

So ask yourself this - Is blogging more important to The Nashman now than trying to hook up with Eva Green?

The answer is obvious.

Unlike the Bollywood film I blogged about last week which had a measly budget of $1M, it's quite obvious from this 100ft crane that Nicole Kidman's new movie has a budget of $200M

Who needs a kebab van when you can eat with the stars?

Film Effects guys blow smoke towards the Rad Cam (The Special Effects guy is the same one who did X-Men and Mars Attacks so it better be good)

I WAS invited to be in an audience with GMA but opted to join the protest rally instead. I can't stand being in the same room with that bitch. The rally was a success as far as media coverage is concerned so I'm quite happy with that. I got a brief from Amnesty International that this year alone 50 civilians have been killed for political reasons. I should have added 'killer' to my banner.. (more on this later)


rene said...

watercolor competition?! any pictures?!

The Nashman said...

They wouldn't allow taking photographs inside but the top two watercolours were impressionistic.

Kaytee said...

i liked the dark materials trilogy. i've been waiting for the film.

i'm so glad you joined the protest rally instead of the reception.

The Nashman said...

GMA is not worth my spanking new Dunhill Shirt.

I haven't read the book actually. I'm just joining the bandwagon for some attention. Sad, really.

I thought Nicole Kidman was pregnant. Doesn't look that way....

the jester-in-exile said...

just 50 deaths, nashman? there's lots more than that... or doesn't it reach the overseas press?

the jester-in-exile said...

just 50 deaths, nashman? there's lots more than that... or doesn't it reach the overseas press?

The Nashman said...

51 reported deaths this year, more than 2000 since she assumed office and more that are not reported.

she was practically ignored by most euro leaders and as a snub (which the thick skulls of malacanang want to spin) britain gave her...tadaa..... prince whatshisname for tea! a fourth level royal....

she wanted to meet with higher officials such as blair but they all didn't want to be seen with her.

Anti-GMA sentiment is very strong here and I'm sure she got a beating no matter what the malacanang spin doctors say.