Sunday, 3 September 2006

I'm Awfully Busy This Week....

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PR/PA Gromit admire The Nashman's Handiwork

It's finally September, meaning summer is officially over. Everyone's heading south of middle earth for some last minute sunshine. I have three more weeks of experiments to do before my own holiday.

One advantage of being single is that I get to spend quality time with myself. Today, I made my own pizza from scratch. Don't you just hate it when your pizza comes with too little of what you want and too much of what you don't want? The best solution is to do it yourself.

Since I want my pizza extremely hot, I used one whole bottle of tabasco with tomato paste for the pizza base and added lots of 'shrooms, cheddar, pepperoni, mozarella, anchovies, and topped them off with some herbs and a drizzle of olive oil. Popped it in the oven for 15 minutes and viola! (To my ex-gf - Can you do that, biatch?)

Watching the Hellas play solid teamwork against the athletically superior Team USA was exhilirating. The Greeks are always pulling a Cinderella - a fantastic Olympics just in time, European Football Champions when no one expected them to go past the first round, Euro Basketball Champs when everyone thought Nowitzki et al were going to win, and now a masterful victory over the Dream Team in Saitama.

Pero siempre, I was rooting for España to win. Like England, the Spanish team were always good enough for the quarterfinals, never going all the way. It's the Tim Henman syndrome. Until now.

I don't have satellite TV so it meant watching the World Championships online on a very very small screen.

Hola Señorita, are you happy to see me! (from El Mundo)


Alternati said...

That's one spicy pizza. Amen to making pizza yourself, one of the few things I can cook (or pile up together and put in the oven)

I didn't know there was a Tim Henman syndrome... I know of the Marat Safin temperament. Gosh, the last tennis I saw was the French Open last year. And Martina is back na pala... when did she grow a moustache?

The US team loss was hilarious.

The Nashman said...

Martina the fabulous Lesbo Tennis Great or Martina the driven-to-excel-by-stage-mom Martina?

One of the perks of being able to make your own pizza is you can go to a pretentious restaurant and throw a "you call that pizza? i can make better" tantrum when they try to overcharge you 500 pesos for bad cheese toast masquerading as pizza.

The US team wasn't expected to win the gold anyway. What's surprising is they even got bronze. Shame on Argentina for giving the game away.

Alternati said...

Martina the stage mom's daughter, not Navratilova. Must be the steroids.

LOL on the "you call that pizza?", I'll remember to say that next time I eat out at a pizzeria.

The Nashman said...

Hoy I'm a proud lesbian. Is that Navratilova joke anti lesbian? Sumbong kita kay Mauresmo eh. Or maybe the entire Cuban (Wo)Men's Looking Volleyball team....


Alternati said...


Mauresmo is scary. She's got more muscle in her calves than I do my entire body.

I guess Sharapova's win validates "Women"s Tennis