Monday, 11 September 2006

The Nashman Studies of Motion 12: Tabing Ilog

Isn't this a pretty sight? Lambingan sa damuhan.....

In our maternal home in Benguet, there are lots of small streams, gullies, and even underground waterways where I used to spend the whole day pretending I was an archeologist or adventurer looking for lost treasure. The water was always nearly freezing but it was so clear and refreshing that I'd skinny dip till my skin wrinkled from the prolonged immersion in water. Either that, or my little pipi shrunk back into my body because of the cold and I was left with what looked like a malformed vagina. By then it was time to go home and have Benguet coffee by the fireplace. (Yes, I started drinking coffee when my mom was still preggers with me.)

In Baguio, we lived next to a creek that straddled the barangays of Brookside and Trancoville. This is shitty water. In fact it's a frigging canal. And it's kinda sad that it's such a polluted waterway since on both banks are student dorms. You would expect that university students had enough brain cells to realise that a creek is NOT the proper place to throw used tampons and other rubbish.

Here in Middle Earth, amazingly the weather for the past two days has been sunny and warm. So I reclaimed the innocence of my youth by abandoning all inhibitions and played with the water like it was the 80s again.

O diba? Ang laba sa Tide with Calamansi and Tawas and Chlorox, super puti. Mr. Ajax would be proud. Actually detergent has nothing to do with the otherwordly whiteness of my frocks, I'm just really angelic. Mas maputi pa kay Legolas yan, shet.

Page 54 of the Catalog. Shirt: Magsasaka-style White Camisa de Chino (P99, Jockey), Trousers: Retro Checks (P250, ukay ukay)

The Nashman does some Redneck Dancing: If it hadn't been for cotton-eye joe/I'd been married long time ago/Where did you come from?/Where did you go?/Where did you come from cotton-eye joe?

Jesus showed The Nashman where the rocks were and they both walked on water. And so it was written in the Holy Texts: Jesus stood just outside the boat and said Yo Peter, what took you so long? Light up the barbie and start grilling those fishes, I is hungry ayt. Tonight we're gonna convert some hoes in Galilee.


Anonymous said...


[O diba? Ang laba sa Tide with Calamansi and Tawas and Chlorox, super puti. Mr. Ajax would be proud]

there is no mr. ajax, only mr. Clean!



Alternati said...

Lambingan sa Damuhan was renamed Kangkangan sa Kangkungan.

Blasphemy!!! the text says "convert some bitches in Galilee" not hoes!

Commend the photo fairy for great shots.

En said...

AY! sayang!
...di nadulas :p

The Nashman said...

Hoy Engot,

I may be a hobbit but I don't have hobbit feet noh! I is surefooted

Sa kankungan? Hmmm....when I think about it, I guess it's more comfy to make hay on kangkong than on grass (makati sa pwit)

Gawd, I'm old wala nga palang Mr. Ajax. My memory is shite.