Saturday, 16 September 2006

Walking on the South Bank

The Swiss Re imposing itself on the surrounding buildings.

London City Hall and the outdoor exhibit of Magnum photographer Hiroji Kubota.

Another city hall petition initiated by the ultra-conservative Demure Sisters of the Moonlight.

Maritess and the Superfriends in a meeting.

I kid you not. When Foster's City Hall opened some four years ago. There was a blind tour guide with an adorable golden retriever who 'showed' me around. This is how well designed this building is. It's got ramps instead of stairs and uses a quarter of the energy required for a building of the same size.

Morning cafe americano at Mana.

The Millenium Foot Bridge from the third floor of Tate Modern.

Tate Modern arranges its collection by -'isms'. Put at least two Filipinos in a room and you might as well call the room "Chisms" - the Flipinoy national pasttime. Actually, you don't need to physically put two Flipinoys in a room, all you need is a cheap calling rate (or Skype) and they can go on with "Chisms" for hours and hours and hours and hours.....

Sit and play interactive art on the South Bank. Choose an instrument, put your bum on the seat to activate a pressure sensor and listen to your chosen instrument.

It's easy to guess that The Nashman always wants to play with a horny french.

The fountain maze with the London Eye peeking from behind.

I got soaked of course. Water is the essence of wetness. Wetness is the essence of beauty.

Having an LQ moment. But she looks prettier pouting at me, no?

Yeah, it's doing that Shawie-pa-tweetums-effect but I wish I had a nine-iron or a baseball bat to whack this furry grey pest.


JP Loh said...


Alternati said...

Referring to the squirrel or the pigeon? Either way.. whack away. ohhh... furry.

"No Lapdancing Club".. priceless.

I think, Foster used the Reichstag as a prototype for the British City Hall. Glass, steel and concrete, helical ramps, and the "voyeurism" aspect of the main conference hall. The Berlin City Hall doesn't have a blind guide with a seeing dog though.

The thing with chisms as possible artwork is they depreciate as time passes, and the object is always more popular than the artist.

LOL at your choice of instrument, A Tuba would have been more nostalgic.

Great pics! (enough of the knees. haha)

En said...

i agree!
No Lapdancing on Tuli...err..Tooley Street!
*ouch* ;D