Friday, 24 November 2006

Those wires that stick out of secret service agents' ears? They're just props..........

I have to thank the Spaniards that at least they left some nice and sweet things to Las Islas Filipinas such as turrones, yema, leche flan, and tapas (pulutan). Had they force fed these to us indios instead of Padre Damaso's vile dick, maybe we wouldn't have put up a fight.

What's amazing about most of my favourite food is that they look unappealing yet they taste delicious. Turron for example looks like poo but that ain't gonna stop me from french kissing it till it melts in my mouth.

It's Friday night so what did a single young thang like me do? Browse through magazines at Borders. Sad but true. They say that what one reads says a lot about one's personality. Tonight I picked up Bizarre, Enquirer, Mac User, Wallpaper, and Boxing News. Porn, trash, geeky, cerebral, sporty. Wow, I'm a well rounded individual!

Finally, big it up and fist thump to the chest respect! ayt to the Argentinian snatchers who, inspite of the army of secret service agents around, got the bag and mobile phone of.......

To the Argentinian mandurukots - Hanep pare galeng nyo. Balato naman. Manila snatchers are probably just as good, even more creative, but it takes lots of cojones to pull this one off. I don't think this will happen to any of GMA's offspring though. Besides, why would anyone want to steal Mikey or Luli Arroyo's bags? Eww, they probably got pictures of their fugly mom with her boy toy Mike Defensor in their wallets. Oh, why do they keep a picture of a pig as well? Oh, that's just their dad.

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