Friday, 15 December 2006

The Nashman Studies of Motion 16: Shocking Footage of The Nashman

The shocking video of The Nashman the Opus Dei doesn't want you to see.

This explicit time-lapse footage, taken over a 7 hour period from 2am to 830am on Dec 15, 2006 documents The Nashman as you have never seen him before.

"It's more shocking than the Paris Hilton or Tommy Lee videos" - Rolling Stone
"Disgusting! The Nashman will burn in hell!" - Conservative Weekly
"The Nashman is so hot! I wanna make love to him all day!" - Natalie Portman
"Tinigasan at nilabasan ako sa sarap habang pinapanood siya!" - Borgy Manotoc


the jester-in-exile said...

"more scandalous than GMA's televised apology!" -- the jester-in-exile

Anonymous said...

nash, ha. ano naman itong kalandian mo.


The Nashman said...

apparently, there exists a more explicit part 2 video.....