Monday, 25 December 2006

Nativity Eve

The Nashman's first love Audrey Hepburn in a nun's habit. Oh so wrong.

Apart from Trappist beer, French fries, and chocolates, Audrey Hepburn is one of Belgium's most important contributions to the world. (Well, maybe I'm biased because I've been educated by rotund Belgian priests for most of my life but then again look at how pretty Audrey is.) HRO Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit, and The Nashman delayed cooking dinner even with their famished stomachs just to watch her as a nun/nurse sent to the Belgian Congo in the film The Nun's Story. There is this funny scene where she is asked by one of the Congolese why the nuns aren't married and Audrey says her husband is in Heaven and that in fact all of the nuns are 'married' to this one man in heaven. I almost forgot that this was a movie and nearly cursed to the high heavens "Why? Oh Why? You're already the Son of God! You can have anything, everything! Dude, that's so not fair. I'm going to tell your Father! Be generous oh dear Lord and let us have our Audrey back!" Indeed, thank God this was just a movie. Also, I'm grateful the Belgians only sent missionary priests (even if they were twats sometimes) to my beloved Cordilleras. The Belgian Congo was one of the most brutally managed colonies in history. Hmm, maybe that's why they made Smurfs and The Dog of Flanders to atone for their sins.

PA/PR Gromit knows the secret to good pasta bolognese is in the slow sauteeing of the minced beef with garlic and onions.

Anywho, for Christmas Eve dinner, the dawgs and I cooked pasta bolognese (from scratch and not instant sauce you kitchen Philistines! Well ok, the sun-dried tomatoes came from a bottle.) We also had an herb salad with feta and cherry tomatoes with HRO Karl Willem's favourite mustard-balsamic dressing. (Secret recipe.)

At 11:30pm The Nashman went to the University Church to listen to some carols and actually stayed for Midnight service. This is of course an Anglican church but The Nashman can't be bothered walking to the dark and depressing neo-gothic Catholic church 3 thousand miles away. I'm not overly fussy which Christian church to visit (well, I wouldn't go to a fundamentalist/extremist Christian church that's for sure.) Anyways, I complimented the Rt. Reverend for the excellent choice of wine (sweet and fruity) during communion although they were a bit stingy as the sacristan only gave me half a gulp. I was a bit disappointed that Rowan Atkinson didn't do the Gospel reading this time. (He did it last year.) Incidentally, the Virgin Birth is also beautifully described in the Qur'an (Sura 3).

The University Church. Conveniently, just a stone's throw away.

I got home and it was already Christmas. There was nothing else on television so I just caught up with my graphic novel reading. Presenting, another time lapse video of the lazy Nashman in bed. I would have stayed in bed the whole day but darn radio alarm clock started playing Abba songs. Eww...


Anonymous said...

so i guess i dont have to ask if its boxers or briefs? :)

merry christmas!


The Nashman said...

er, why should you even ask? :)