Friday, 8 December 2006

Take your tongue out of my mouth, I'm trying to lick my ice cream

It's so cold, we'd rather stay in bed to read literature but someone has other ideas....

Julia and I had breakfast today at Georgina's in the covered market. When she was trying to convince me to move from Cambridge to this equally small barrio of Oxford, she brought me to this covered market which I quickly loved. It reminds me of Hangar Market in Baguio, only a bit posher, but thankfully not too gentrified like that boring mall called Rockwell along the blue and pristine Pasig river. She had cheese tortilla wrap. I love tortilla but not at 9am. She did point out that somewhere in the world, it's already 12noon. Oo nga naman!

Somewhere in the middle of this breakfast she said something along the lines of "We should have a baby...." First of all, as much as I love her, we are not a couple, and if we did have a child, who should get custody? I certainly want a baby as much as she does. Although, we could have twins. She can take one twin to live in a rich household while I take one twin to live in the mean slums of Baguio. The twins live parallel lives before meeting 20 years in the future, by accident, like a telenovela. Hmm, looks like a movie based on the bestselling autobiography sort of thing. Kaching! Kaching!

I was tempted though to say Why wait? Let's make one now! We'd have half-Pinoy half-amazing mixed mongrel kids. Our kids would be blonde haired-brown skinned-blue eyed-chinks modeling underwear along Edsa. (We didn't make them brats now 'cause we were using a very small bare table and we couldn't possibly fit under it, my room was currently being cleaned by the housekeeper, and her room was occupied by her little brother. So I promised to send her my genetic material in a bottle. She can deposit it later with the help of the Baguio ashtray I gave her.)

This is the typical quarterlife crisis involving
"If I don't get hitched by the time I'm 30, we should get back together" sort of thing. I don't think I'm really ready yet to bring mini-mes and I'm still hoping there is a beautiful blind girl out there who will love me for who I am, warts and all. Someone who will not just be a passionate lover but my bestfriend as well who will grow old with me.....Eww, I'm so emo again.

The flower section of the covered market.

Georgina's. We hide in the corner away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Julia and I are really just very close friends, having cohabited in a past lifetime. I hate it when the tabloids put malice into our closeness....

Can you have tortilla with jalapeno for breakfast?

My toasted bagel with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. I need to keep my sexy figure. Otherwise, no one will love me in this world where a premium is given for looks and bling.

For dinner, I picked up my hack best friend Alexandra from the Radcliffe Lower Reading Room for our weekly exchange of gossip dinners. The lucky bitch showed me her article in the day's International Herald Tribune. I'm also envious that she's flying to Paris tomorrow for pleasure. Aaaargh. I should have gotten a new visa! We had Japanese dinner at Edamame with the pretty Scandanivians. Aarrrgh. I wish I could go to Sweden for Christmas. I hate it that I don't have a new visa yet!

The waitress assumed that I was having the beer when it was for Alexandra. That's so sexist to assume that because I'm the boy that I'm the alcoholic! Anyways, meet Maria Sharapova look-alike....ain't she pretty? It's one of the reasons I founded the Filipino-Scandanivia Japanese-Food Eating Society.

Today was indeed a day of gluttony. I had breakfast, which I normally don't do, which caused me to skip lunch but left me very hungry by dinner hence I pigged out like a Filipino congressman.

Ice cream with rum. I reckon the alcohol would burn all those nasty calories I had today.


Sidney said...

You really enjoy life, don't you!

The Nashman said... is to be long as i don't hurt anyone, i'm going head on.....