Saturday, 6 January 2007

Let's Get It On

As God is my witness, this year will be my Annus Mirabilis.

It's the 12th day of Christmas and now it's back to work. Wooha! I don't do New Year's resolutions but this year I promise to:

1. Complete no less than three academic publications.
2. Reduce my carbon footprint, reduce consumption, and only eat 2 full meals a day.

We are thankful for last year's bountiful harvest and hope that this year will be just as adequate.

We cast away the bad memories of last year

and welcome the new.......

Well, maybe not that. Pat Robertson of the 700 Club is a fucking fundamentalist nutter and I won't have any of such negative vibes this year....

And sorry, Nostradamus, I think you are a twat as well. (Maybe not as evil as Pat Robertson!)

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Spread only Love and Peace and we'll be fine. Less war, more shagging I say! (But please please use contraception. The world is overpopulated already which is why everyone's so stressed.)

Indeed, what better way to start the New Year than with love. (Maybe this year, I'll just let myself go and fall in love again....maybe not. But I promise to love my family and friends more each day this year.)

I'm off to Scotland for a couple of days to be a witness to High School mates' Aldo and Kerry's wedding. Holy Kabunian, it took them a short 12 years to come to this natural conclusion. It's good to be in a proper wedding (and not a shotgun one which happens only because the girl is pregnant)! I thought of bringing Aldo to a strip joint Monday night but that just ain't my thing. Instead, I hope to convince him to do the underground ghost tour. I'm interested to experience the Mackenzie Poltergeist. Apparently, people have been fainting at its usual haunt in a secluded area in the cemetery. O talaga? Sya ba ang siga doon? Matingnan nga. Ok, maybe a ghost tour is not a good thing to do the night before the wedding but then again surely there is nothing scarier than getting married?


the jester-in-exile said...

send my best wishes to aldo and kerry, nashman.

(about bloody time, too.)

howling said...

I totally agree with you Nashman... That Pat Robertson is an absolute wanker. The same is true with all his loopy minions.

I quite like good ol' Nostra though: Them buried things coming out of their graves is rather interesting. Oh, yes!

A bit of love and harmony to the world is also good. And of course, world peace.

I've discovered that hosing your backside with water after a big dump save a bit of toilet paper. That's all I can do to help save the trees at the moment.

Happy New Year!!!

dora_the_exiled said...

Totally agree with the "hosing your backside". Hm, that's another reason to enjoy a rush of running water after a glorious dump.

How ya doin? Been a long time now, aint it?

Sayote Queen said...

Nice entry you got here. I'm with you - I mean, with the "less shagging" thing. And, congrats to the newly weds. And I do hope you fall in love again :)

alternati said...

Someone's readers base is growing... tra la la la la...

I wonder if "Annus", "Saddam" or "Wedding" have anything to do with it.

DOn't even get me started on that tard turd Robertson...

The Nashman said...

I is back. The wedding was fabulous.

What would really be good is that the water used to hose the backside can be collected for organic watering of the strawberry fields.

And you know, for the Romans, hosing the backside after a dump is a very public event. Taking a big satisfying dump is the next best thing to falling in love.

Ok, enough of old senile incontinent man Robertson. As a devout Catholic, I like my boys young and nubile and between 14-17 years of age. Above that age, I'm heterosexual again. (Please no hate mail, 12 is the age of consent in Holland, I made it 14 to be on the safe side of the law.)

My reader base as far as I know has been flat at 10-12 people, 8 of whom I personally know. I think I scare away the kids with my political incorrectness and honesty.