Sunday, 28 January 2007

The Nashman Studies of Motion 20: A Special Performance of Swan Lake

The Nashman limbers up.

Really! Is there no end to The Nashman's talents?

In a very tight hallway surrounded by Dalek-looking freezers full of dangerous pathogens and mutant DNA, The Nashman executes a very technical and graceful performance of Swan Lake.

"The Nashman's young and nubile figure pirouetting and jumping so effortlessly is a thing of beauty. Bravo!" - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"He's positively orgasmic! I wish we could dance together" - Marianela Núñez, Royal Ballet.

"Yummy. We can do burlesque together"
- Dita von Teese

"The Nashman's amazing feats of flexibility have enlightened us and allowed us to add ten more pages to the Kama-Sutra." - Guru Bikram Choudhury

"Gasgas at sugat-sugat na mga labi ng pek-pek ko pero walang sinabi ang mga splits ko sa kanya!" - Mystica


rene said...

ahhh, such prose and poetry coming from mystica. she can be very eloquent sometimes. love her to bits!

The Nashman said...

galeng nga ni mystica eh. nag-iisplit habang kumakanta.....

april boy regino said...

classic ang quote from mystica.. dapat nga lang may picture din ng appropriate body part na tinutukoy nya... no wait--

The Nashman said...

ew you're so kadiri ha...pero balita ko mas maganda yung kay madame auring....