Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Oy lads and lassies, I is back

You kinda forget that Scotland is another country and English Lilibeths are frowned upon. Coffee is cheaper here than in England though......

I need to recover from the cups of coffee, fits of boisterous laughter, whiskies, haggis, chips, and angus beef burgers I've abused in the short three days up north.

Edinburgh is amazing. I think I will go back for the Fringe Festival later this year.

Oy, I gotta dead furry animal on my head.

I'm not drunk. Gaelic is not a Latin language....

I hate ironing. I think it's the most difficult chore for me to master especially as I'm slightly OC. Since this was Aldo and Kerry's special day, I thought I should at least be presentable and dress appropriately. I brought a white Balenciaga shirt which I hoped to pair with a Thomas Pink pink tie but this shagedelic get-up was vetoed by Aldo. I ended up with a gold Hermes tie over a blue Dunhill shirt but the one suit I brought was ill-fitting. It was from two seasons ago when I was a tad fatter and I promised myself no new purchases this year. (Notice though that I managed to name drop some brand names in the hope of getting freebies.)

Anyways, my so-last-year suit notwithstanding, from the neck down, I managed to look fuckable.

Aldo and Kerry booked us all in a hotel with a great view of the castle.

There are very very few people who can convince me to go up north in the middle of winter. Aldo and I were classmates for the entire four years of boys' high school while Kerry studied in the second-best high school (at that time). I'm honored to have been invited at their wedding. I signed the marriage contract even without having required them to get a pre-nuptial agreement because I know that this one is for keeps. And also because Kerry holds a trump card. She's my only tenuous link to some of my crushes from way back. Her schoolmates like Zorayda Ruth Andam (apparently still single, availability unknown) and ballerina Verna were in my thin book of 'girls i really really really like'.


Anonymous said...

No pics of blokes in kilts?! come on!

The Nashman said...

i wore a kilt but my balls were freezing...

the jester-in-exile said...

haha so, it's ate zorah and verna, huh?

ate zorah's still the brilliant (and beautiful) lawyer that she is. verna's with the lion king in disneyland hk.

and last i heard, both are still available.