Sunday, 28 January 2007

The Past 48 hours

Friday Morning greeting my neighbours. I don't suppose you fancy some ice cream?

Friday lunch with my homies - Kerry, Teodora, and Sarah D. I had coulibiac of salmon and spiced baked aubergine with cous cous. The girls were disgusting - they had chips and yet remain sexier than me!

Kerry demonstrates the wrong way to eat peas.

The proper way to eat peas - balancing it on the OTHER side of the fork. I can't blame Kerry though. She didn't go to Swiss Finishing School like I did.

Friday night pre-cinema dinner. All vegetarian - including the beef which comes from the finest vegetarian cows in Ireland.

Saturday morning Pinoy Breakfast - Definitely not possible to have it in bed! The day I find a girl willing to let me eat pinoy breakfast in bed is the day I go to heaven.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are baffled by this stinky dried fish. The Nashman loved every bit of it!

Saturday dinner of Portugese sardines in olive oil plunked on rice and sprinkled with chili powder and zapped in the microwave. The Nashman was too lazy to prepare a Michelin-starred meal.

Belatedly reading the Saturday papers. With apologies to Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappate, I annotated his editorial cartoon for the Philippine setting.

Saturday night coffee at G&D's.

1am Sunday Morning: Calling it a day after doing an hour of lab experiments.

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