Friday, 5 January 2007

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves

A Plea To My Fellow Filipinos:

Please for the love of God, watch the new Lito Lapid film "Tatlong Baraha". No, it's not gay porn but a film about three masked men with swords, and no it's not a period film.

Support his fundraiser for his mayoralty bid. We want a masked man running the richest city of the Philippines. I'm serious. It would be really fun!

Yes, that man on the right is also CURRENT senator of the Philippines, the one in the middle is a CURRENT Governor, and I don't know who the other guy is but I'm sure he's also a Filipino Official.

Vic Sotto is already rich! Grab your friends, families, lovers, random strangers on the street and make this the cinematic blockbuster that it's meant to be.l

Box Office Takings of the Metro Manila Film Festival
1. Enteng Kabisote – P112,456,584 - Vic Sotto stole Pia from me!
2. Kasal, Kasali, kasalo – P107,496,737
3. Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 – P48,675,732- the 8th film in the trilogy!
4. Matakot Ka sa Karma – P20,426,950 - GMA will be reincarnated as a pig
5. Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di – P19,431,403 - the 5th film in the trilogy! kayo nood pala di luki nekosyo pala wala na gawa part six.
6. Super Noypi – P17,309,117-M
7. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Zee Moveeh – P10,643,358-M
8. Ligalig – P6,841,770-M
9. Tatlong Baraha – P3,673,623-M - Sige na! Panoorin natin! (Pag hindi, mangungurakot nalang sya for his election expenses this May.)

Hon. Senator Lito Lapid for Makati Mayor!


JP Loh said...

Mainstream Filipinoy movies are fucked up.

The Nashman said...

Whaaat. C'mon, you know you want to watch three anachronistic men in Zorro costumes fighting with swords over the skyscrapers of Manila don't you? :D....It's soooo baaaad, it's gotta be good.

JP Loh said...

I'd rather watch Princess Sarah

dora_the_exiled said...

Hey... I liked MILAN (the claudine-piolo starrer). Princess Sara's good too.

This entry is just... funny. I think I lost a bit of respect from my officmates due to uncontrolable laughter eminating from my cubible.

alternati said...

Hahahaha... I heard (shoot me if I actually watch that film) that Lito Lapid is able to kill 2 perps with one bullet. He places his bolo right infront of his gun before shooting thus splitting the bullet in two. Genius huh?!

The woman stuck in the cave... glad THAT didnt happen to me.

The Nashman said...

I haven't heard of princess sarah but i'm sure my suki along session road will have one. i will have a copy of it fed-exed to me asap.

the 'lapids' is our local version of the wayans and the baldwins. we should support our local artists! buy only clear pirated copies!