Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Treasures from Baguio City Market Part Deux - Umali Kayo, Mekeni, Mangan Tayo

Yum. Cancel tonight's reservations to Nobu. I'm gonna gorge on stinky but delicious Pinoy peasant food.

I immediately cooked some of the 'espada' tuyo that Ana brought from Las Islas Filipinas. To make it a feast, I added Alexandra's offering of Lucky Me instant noodles topped with itlog malasado. For the coup de grace tropical tanghaling-tapat effect, I ate next to the radiator where it was boiling hot and took my shirt off. Of course, I ate with my hands.

This Pinoy meal goes well with 2005 Loosen Riesling from the Mosel valley. Ah, das ist gut! Heaven!

I finished the whole bottle of Riesling with Boy Bawang while listening to Jose Feliciano. Sarap ng tama mga repapaps, hindi na kelangang magjakol para maganda ang tulog.


Sidney said...

Next time my boy complains about the food he gets I will tell him the story of the struggling Nashman in Oxford.

The Nashman said...

oh young boys will be young boys. it will take time for the young ones to appreciate soul food but there will come a time.... i used to complain about my mom's cooking which included handpicked leaves from the garden which i didn't think were edible. now i miss the simple food.

the jester-in-exile said...

pare, mas masarap ang yes corn kesa boy bawang.

and better with a good rose, not white.