Thursday, 18 January 2007

You don't need drugs to improve libido, just conjugate your verb properly........

Who was the keen clinician who noticed that trial patients for Viagra were getting massive boners instead of the promised relief to their angina pectoris? "I'm sorry patient so-and-so but your coronary arteries are still clogged. I do notice that most of the blood has gone further down your torso....Oh, my...oh....." Consider that most men with cardiovascular disease are old and crinkly....

It looks like they've found an analog for women by accident again. Imagine being an attendant in a clinic full of manic depressive women who are suddenly horny......"Inkblots? Why is looking at it arousing my tits....The voices, I can hear them. Ooooh, I want to shag the voices.....Where's my daddy? You're not my daddy?"

Of course there will always be a molecular basis for low sexual desire - the right chemical reactions in the body are not happening mainly because the brain is not sending the right signals for the endocrines to start releasing hormones....

Which is why the brain is actually the most important sexual organ.

That grey goo in the skull accounts for 99.43% cases of sexual dysfunction. Solve the brain, the rest will follow.

Like George W. Bush's "Global War on Terror", popping pills only tries to solve the symptoms (with low efficiency and lots of collateral damage of course) but hardly deal with the root cause.

Thankfully, we have brilliant brilliant men like French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy who prescribes the best organic medicine for regaining that vava-vavoom in the bedrom.


the jester-in-exile said...

conjugate verbs properly, eh?

sounds like tongue exercise to me, dude haha

(maybe that explains it? hahaha)

The Nashman said...

you may be a master debater jester but i am a cunning linguist.