Wednesday, 25 April 2007

He who laughs last, thinks slowest......

This is a very funny joke. It's a clever play on words so I thought I'd deliver it by means of illustrations.

And just so everyone can get the punchline (assuming there is a casual blog reader out there just above the subterranean intellect of Philippine Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez), I drew the pictures s....l.....o....w.....l.....y.

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Anonymous said...

men don't get it - we use "ph balanced" feminine wash liquids not soap bars - how can nuns wear it down nash? - there's a substance in soaps that you can't just use it for washing or for any other green purpose in that sensitive area - it will hurt! a lot man - or maybe it was something still inside its carton/plastic - yea, logic sometimes ruin my humor

The Nashman said...

When I was young (18 years ago), I used safeguard for lubrication whenever I polished my monkey. That was a bad idea as safeguard has nasty ingredients and when you use it on a sensitive part of your body, it does dry it out and it can be painful. (Especially, when you are entering your teens, you tend to wank more than once a day...)

Indeed, thankfully, later in High School, I discovered the ph-balanced feminine wash to be more gentle. The fantasy was heightened because one had in your hand a liquid that was supposed to smell like p*ssy.

.....eventually, later in life you discover that the real thing doesn't smell as good.

Spring time in Paris is over rated.

Anonymous said...

o nash, i shd stop reading ur blog lest i be in exile like jester - but then, life is 2 short 2 miss ur insane humor - the thing is, if i wer not a christian, id be a nun myself - that's how conservative i am - U R WICKED!!! - & u even climbed half naked on that tree - err, is that 2 spark something from ur female/not so female readers? we r definitely not aroused SO STOPPPPP POSING NUUUUUDEEEEEE NASHHHHHH! p.s., ur other nude post was artistically done though, can't remember, the one wer u had 2 distinguish the difference? o that was easy

The Nashman said...

there are no nude shots in that tree.

i cycled from the forest to the city centre without my shirt on like the rest of the people because it's so hot now! plus I need a tan.

there is never any intention to titillate/arouse anyone. (unless some sick people are turned on by the sight of a fat brown monkey like me with my tits hanging out.)

I'm sorry to offend your sensibilities, but these things are trivial to me. when it's sunny and hot, the shirt comes off. That's how it is in the tropics.

Anonymous said...

ok - i saw a half naked, half nude nash without his conventional covering sa isang masukal na gubat - or was it PA/PR Gromit? i do hope u get a tan like His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem - enjoy ur gubat nash

The Nashman said...

I had to delete the previous comment by another anonymous as it links to a shopping site.

I like to keep my blog ad-free thank you very much.

I don't even have technorati-eklat tags, ad sense, 'top blog counters chu-chu' because I'm not joining a popularity contest.

Remember, I'm NOT really into blogging for an audience. I blog to amuse myself foremost - to have a time capsule which I can rummage through at when I grow old...

The sick people who dig my morbid humour are a bonus/curse.

All the pictures posted here are photos I can proudly show my mother and father (who read this blog) and my young nephews and nieces who look up to me as their favourite black sheep.

Will there be full frontal nude pictures in the future? Probably not as I have a small penis that is only half a pixel wide and one pixel long. Will there be pictures of the Nash butt cheeks? Probably yes because if you have a work of art, would you keep it hidden?