Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Finally, The Professor and I meet.

I knew it long long ago..

With great power comes great responsibility.

And at some point in my life, I had to boldly go where no man has gone before.
(Pota pare, split infinitive yung grammar ha.)

I always knew I am gifted.

Deep inside me were powers that need to be harnessed.

Only one man can teach me.

Only one.

Professor Xavier: with my mind power, I can convince these D-list superhero wannabes that I'm walking.

Professor Xavier: I only came here for The Nashman.


The Nashman: And2 na me. Wr R U?
Prof. Xavier: On my way na.

Finally, we meet.

Professor Xavier: Join me, Nashman. I can help you.

The Nashman: Er, the queen bitch Sir Ian, I mean Magneto, met me earlier and offered me a really fancy costume plus overtime pay. And Magneto designed new very revealing thong costumes for the girls. You think you can match that?

Professor Xavier: I got the USS Enterprise. Mas bongga aking hq kaysa kay Magneto noh.

The Nashman: Uhm, I'm not into Vulcan love, but those Klingons are hot. Is it considered bestiality if I get jiggy with them? Wow, galing ng mind powers mo speaking in Tagalog ha. Teka I is confused ha. Are you here as Capt. Jean Luc-Picard or Professor Xavier? Pero whatevs, join ako.

Professor Xavier: We should talk somewhere more private. (At this point he only talks to me telepathically. Eh ano pa gamit ng superpowers namin?)

The Nashman: Yes we should. I don't know why The Penguin is here anyway. Isn't he supposed to be in Batman?

Professor Xavier: Oo nga, he is so chaka in person. Gusto ko I-warp speed mukha nya. Tara let's go na.

The Nashman: Wuhu! Beam us up Scotty!...btw Prof. X, can you ask the cleaners to vacuum this pod, Wolverine's been shedding again....and I don't want you doing that telepathic scan shit when I'm shagging Storm........and can we go on a mission to get the Silversurfer's surfboard?

Yes, stop all those F-list superheroes in that mediocre TV Series "Heroes". It's giving us real heroes a bad rep. Bring back the fancy Tranny costumes!

Yes, there will be an X-Men 4.

The Nashman has signed up for it.

The Nashman wrapped in bum-hugging, nipple-revealing, crotch-exposing sexy latex. Bet you can't wait for that.


rene said...

no telephatic sexual advances naman from Mr. X? ay, si Magneto pala ang baklush.

the jester-in-exile said...

actually, rene, both prof x and magneto are.

The Nashman said...

prof x isn't. his current gf is only 24!

Anonymous said...

x-men out!
heroes in!

The Nashman said...

Oh the irony, anonymous.

cong. manny pakyaw said...

aku lang ang totoong hero...