Thursday, 19 April 2007

Me got new toys..

Oy vey! Sorry I'm late. Those Catholic nutters crucified me again. I got some bagels for you and other materialistic goodies. (thought-provoking art by Banksy)

I'd like to thank friends who belatedly gave me some useful birthday gifts.

First up are Heidi and Francis. Francis borrowed my hip central Oxbarrio 'shag pad' while I was away for a week. When I got back they installed a digital tv receiver in my room. From the original 5 channels of crap, I now have 40 channels of crap. My productivity is at an all time low as I've been gripped by some very educational documentaries -"The worst sex change doctor", "A History of Porn", "Mr. Ms Pageant" (a tranny beauty contest) etc.

And big it up for Clinton who trawled the seedy alleys of HongKong for a point-and-shoot Lumix that runs on AA batteries to replace my Nikon which didn't survive the Alps.

Expect more interesting pictures from The Nashman.

Sadly, this blog will end soon as there is a 1GB limit on photos uploaded via Blogger's Picasa. To delay the inevitable, I'm going to put only low-res images from now on.

For the meantime, I've tested the Lumix this past couple of days and it's very easy to use.

My old point and shoot cameras make way for the new shooter in town.

The Main Course test: I take lots of food pictures. (BTW this was disgustingly fattening but I was lazy that night.)

The dessert test.

The pseudo-voyeur test. (Summer is early this year so we've been lounging in the parks a lot.)

The ' wow, I'm a serious photographer, look at this flower' macro test. (Why does every Tom, Dick, and Maria with a camera take pictures of flowers and then force everyone to look at them? Anyone can do it! It's so insufferably boring.)


RennyBA said...

Here from Sidney as you are listed on his blogroll.
You really have a great blog - I do have to visit again.
Welcome to Norway when you have the chance:-)

The Nashman said...


I shall consider going to Norway to take advantage of the long summer days....

Alternati said...

What??? This blog is gonna die soon? Say it ain't so. Where will I get my fix now? boo hoo.

P.S. What channel is Mr. Ms. Pageant on?

The Nashman said...

Yes, once i reach my 1gb limit.

mr. ms. pageant is a bbc documentary i maybe it will show up in discovery/geographic channel....but then maybe not..

Wil said...

why not get a flickr account and link your pics from there? It's pretty simple to do. There's no size limit on uploaded pics for flickr.

The Nashman said...

...i'm trying to limit my web presence and flicker is too much like friendster...i just hope blogger increases the 1gb limit soon.

bob guccione said...

you'reseppose to take picturesof a different flower...