Wednesday, 18 April 2007


His Royal Orangeness is a very egalitarian royal as you can see from this picture. He doesn't mind being close to some peasant commoners as shown in the background. Eww, they were talking about 'movies'. That's so masa ha. (HRO Karl Willem only watches 'films'). Lola, may sale ba sa GAP? Mukhang RTW yang damit mo ha.

So, Balding Wills has definitely dumped the People's Princess, Kate. Apparently Kate's peeps were too common and not posh enough. Kate's mom reportedly uses the words 'toilet' and 'pardon' which only the masses use. Ugh. Oo nga naman, that vocabulary is so pedestrian.

Balding Wills new girl has just the right number of hyphens - Ms. Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther - Gough - Calthorpe. (Wow dalawang hyphen! Mas may breeding pa sya kaysa mga askal.)

Actually, I'm happy for Kate. Who wants to be a regimented wife?

I must disabuse from the impressions of the casual reader of this online diary that, being the loyal human consort to a royal, His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, The Nashman has it easy. It's actually a very big logistics nightmare when we travel anywhere. We have police escorts and plainclothes secret service agents trailing us. Hindi naman namin ginusto ito dahil gusto naming mapalapit sa madlang peepol pero marami kasing mga panget sa paligid so dapat silang ilayo ng konti.

Remember this?

HRO Karl Willem completely protected by an elite all-female team of close-in bodyguards.

Behind the scenes. There are normally two squadrons of police officers that protect HRO Karl Willem.

The very discreet cordon sanitaire around HRO Karl Willem.


Bill Bilig said...

That double hyphenated girl must be the British version of Rizal's Doña Victorina de de Espadaña. At least sa pangalan.

The Nashman said...

i think isabella is prettier than dona victorina.

Bill Bilig said...

Agree. No one beats Dona Victorina in terms of fugliness.