Saturday, 20 October 2007

Glorietta 19 October 2007: While our corrupt President hands out bribes, a rogue piece of military hardware explodes in a busy shopping mall...


How is it possible that a quarter of a busy shopping mall be obliterated by C4 (a plastic explosive)?? Only the Philippine Military can buy that sort of shit.

All plastic explosives have microtaggants, the entire supply chain can be traced. If the FBI and the Philippine Military share the results of their investigation truthfully, this should be easy to prosecute.

Is it possible that our soldiers are so poor that they are forced into selling military hardware to criminal elements?

Update PM 21Oct07: It looks like there was no plastic explosive as previously reported by the Philippine National Police, that is according to the US-led investigation.

With due respect to the dead, I'd prefer that this tragedy was due to a gas explosion and not a bomb. It'd be very depressing and worrisome for us to know that military-grade explosives are out there in the open.


Anonymous said...

sobra naman to, inuna mo pa yata magturo kesa sa malungkot sa nangyari

Anonymous said...

baket parang nanahimik ka dito. Akala ko ba makabayan ka? Hinihintay ng the Buzz ang comment mo sa mga nangyari.

Filipau said...

Yeah, at least nashman HAS a comment. But I wish that he waited for a proof before saying it though.

The Nashman said...

The president is corrupt, that is a given. I didn't say she ordered the bombing.

And it's not me who said it was RDX it was da police:

"Military-grade explosives were used in a bomb in the Philippines capital, Manila, that killed nine people on Friday, police have said.
A police report said the bomb contained the chemical RDX which is used to make the plastic explosive C4" - BBC news reel

If it's a gas accident, then it's Ayala Malls fault. They should have better safety procedures.

Dapat lang ma MATUKOY at ITURO kung sino dahil 11 ang namatay!