Saturday, 19 July 2008

Another Promil Baby: Mike Defensor

Thanks to batongpatay for pointing out this very funny article.

Mike Defensor, you know him, he is all over the place - Housing Chief, Hatid-Sundo of So-Called State Witnesses using vast resources of the Philippine Military, GMA's alleged lover, losing senatorial candidate, former environment secretary, and now he's made it to the pages of Cracked! Making it to the top 4 retarded gas saving schemes...

Here is the former environmental secretary of the Philippines smugly hawking pseudo-science, showing how qualified he was for the post.

He was replaced with Lito Atienza, another 'retarded' choice for the post by GMA. Gad, what is happening to our country Madame President...we are a nation crowded with scam artists. First there was DJ Montano, then Fr. Fernando Suarez, then Miguel Zubiri...and now this!


Brian Brotarlo said...

Wasn't the Khaos screened by DOST or something? Article says it was invented in the 70s. maybe it would've worked for engines of that era.

The Nashman said...

It was screened by the DOE and tell me again who is the head of DOE? Hindi ba wala ring technical background?

Reading the blurbs, "cut gas consumption by 50%" and "reduce air pollution by 100%" shows that it's breaking one law of thermodynamics.

It will be great if it actually works though...and I will drink my own urine if it does.