Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cooking with the Dawgs

We just realised it's been awhile since we last posted anything about the dawgs culinary here's one.

Let me just say that I am annoyed at these Pinoy Celebrity cooking shows which have to promote Nestle Cream/Carnation Evap/Del Monte Kitchenomics, brainwashing televiewers into believing that you need them in every dish. Carbonara is a delicious peasant dish and no matter what Kris Aquino or Lucy Torres Gomez say, it DOES NOT need cream or milk! More importantly, and take note Ashley, it does not contain Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup! Call it something else but carbonara. Leche Ashley, turuan ba naman ako ng Royal Friend mo noon kung paano ng carbonara eh alam naman ng madla na ang kanyang mga sauces eh ready made na galing sa lata. Pwidi va.

Anyways, what you put in carbonara other than the main ingredients is entirely up to you, peasant food nga eh so kung ano ang available at in season yung ang gagamitin basta NO CREAM or Melk.

HRO Karl Willem prepares the sauce while the pancetta (bacon) cooks on a skillet and the spaghetti boils. Some prefer to use only the egg yolks but why waste the whites? Anyways, beat the eggs with finely grated pecorino and parmiggiano cheeses. We also like lots of pepper. Drain the al dente spaghetti and take away from the heat...

...the key to make it creamy is in the stirring of the egg-cheese mixture to the just drained spaghetti as PA/PR Gromit demonstrates. Get this timing wrong and you end up with scrambled eggs! You also don't need salt as you get it from the bacon and the parmiggiano.

Et voila. Simple yummy peasant food. Don't you just wish you'd get invited to The Nashman's shag pad for dinner? O ha Ashley, it took 20 minutes na walang nagbukas ng lata or bote!


ashley said...

haha. nilalagyan pa yan daw ng Goldenstar cornstarch sabi Vilma at ng Century Tuna sabi ni Sharon.

The Nashman said...

masarap actually ang tuna lalo na't organically grown with the bodies of sulpicio lines' passengers..

ako pag time ko nang kunin ni Lord Xenu at ni Bro. Ely Soriano, pakilibing nalang ako sa palaisdaan namin ng bangus sa pangasinan....