Sunday, 27 July 2008

It's so hot and humid!!!! Coke with ice please....

...thankfully I live 10 minutes from the park where I made like the rest of the natives and went topless while reading 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed. I know, I'm 3 years late but today I found the time. If you ask, it's about the sexual awakening of a 16 year old girl in a small town. Erotica siya na talagang nakakapagbigay buhay sa mga patotoy ninyo or kung babae ka naman ay talagang mamamasa-masa ka tagos ng whisper with wings. Buti nalang naka-boxer shorts ako nag-sunbathe so hindi obvious na tumulo ang aking pre-cum. Ganong katindi yung libro kaya pagdating bahay, cold shower agad followed by The Catholic Channel on cable.

Now somebody please call Bono or whoever it is who can organise a charity concert to raise money for a very serious cause. Everyday I go out there in the big bad world and come home to blog to share with my loyal blog readers (who is you anyway and why you read this online notebook of mine?) the many blessings that I received from Lord Bathala/Xenu/Jehovallah in the form of pictures. But I want to give more (talagang give lang ako ng give unlike si Gretchen na take lang ng take) so I need a sub-SLR with 18x optical zoom para walang pixelation at para high resolution down to the fine bulbol. All I need is around P23,000 or £250 to buy a super-zoom point and shoot camera. Please be generous. If you donate to save the whales (do they make you happy like I do? Seriously?) then surely you can spare me some change. Sige na, para tuloy tuloy ang ligaya.

Oh, kung high res eh di sana nabasa nyo yung tatoo niya sa likod. Pero hindiiii, ako lang tuloy nakaka-alam.

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