Monday, 7 July 2008

Philippine Diplomat Pays His Maid $200 a month.

This is a REAL offense to Pinoys more than Teri Hatcher's character's Pinoy jibe in Desperate Housewives....Former Philippine Ambassador to the UN has been charged with abusing his household staff. In a complaint filed in New York, his maid accused Lauro Baja and his family with slavery and physical abuse. The maid claimed that she was paid a measly $100 for three months work! In response Baja said he actually paid her $200 a month and that he didn't know why the maid left them after three months.

DUH!!!! You are paying your maid $200 a month which translates to roughly $7 a day in a city where the minimum wage is $7.25 an HOUR. Even if Baja is telling the truth and his family did not physically and verbally abuse the maid, you don't have to be a genius to figure out why she left. Ipinagyabang pa ni Mr. Ambassador na he underpays the maid!

Philippine Ambassador to the UN Lauro Baja, nang-aabuso daw ng katulong. If proven true, lock him up with Emily Relucio, another Maid abuser who wants to be Ambassador to Italy, then ship him to New York Federal Prison on a Sulpicio Lines Ferry. No wonder our Embassies are basket cases, serving as airport hatid-sundo to politicos on junkets. How do you expect these dodgy characters to look after the welfare of OFWs?


Samjuan said...

Grabe naman yan.
Medyo uminit ulo ko sa kanya.
Balak ko pa namang mag-dplomat.
Isa siyang masaamaaang ehemplo.

Salamat sa pagpo-post!

The Nashman said...

There are some very good diplomats...nga lang, marami talagang hindi umaabot sa ambassador position dahil karamihan ay political appointees....

samjuan said...

Nakaaaliw ang blog mo at mga adventures mo.