Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Utterly shameful. I slept for 13 hours last night. Disgraceful. Ok, I gave my first 'invited talk' at the new uni the previous morning and that probably drained lots of energy (the preparation time). I dare not read what the critics wrote about my performance. Anyways, still no excuse to sleep through life. So I woke up with a headache which took me half the day to shrug off, helped by some medicine of unknown provenance my colleague gave me. Whatever it was, I survived the afternoon mildly stoned. Everyone said "My, are you a bit smiley today.."

I guess I shouldn't complain. My new abode doesn't look that bad. Sure it's not going to win an architecture award and at least I live inside it which means I don't have to look at it. And you gotta hand it to the estate agents for naming every floor above the fourth as 'penthouse suites'. Let me check the OED again, yes, right there, 'penthouse' only refers to the topmost floor. I should report them to PANA for truthiness in advertising.

This is where I wanted to live but alas, I could not afford the rent. It's twice as much. It would have been an awesome shag pad. Maybe in ten years time when I finally get a real job. I'm still enjoying my teenage years to be bothered about making extra money.

Our neighbourhood is actually very historic. It would have ranked up there in terms of nice old European villages had it not suffered a series of bombing raids. Now, instead of stone buildings like Oxbarrio or Cantabrigia (spared by Hitler because he was being optimistic, he wanted to make one his British HQ. Which of the two is a matter of debate. I don't care as I've lived in both. Ha, take that Ashley's Royal Friend with four hometowns) it has so called modern 'designer' buildings of glass and steel. They are a bit bland to me. Give me an old, dilapidated building with character, stories to tell, and ghosts anytime.

I decided to take afterdinner coffee at my local cafe, which also happens to be the local independent cinema, when I realised I still had three free tickets (being a member of the Oxbarrio branch, means I'm also a member here. Wohoo!).The choices were "Mamma Mia" and "The Visitor". I'm not going to watch a serious drama on a weekday and so..

..I found myself in Screen 2 which was half-occupied by tenants from the Nursing homes of Hampshire. Then there were the couples and then me, alone, taking seat G5. Loser.

I bet you won't see this film at SM cinemas.

Aaaanyways, I might as well admit I enjoyed the film. The old ladies behind me were having an orgasm during the first few minutes as ARMM Governor Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth showed up on screen. There were oohs and aahs. There were sing-alongs and clapping too. I thought the bridesmaids were hotness. The girl was cute too. (And find me a girlfriend who will not bug me about marriage please because I am NOT the marrying kind.)

You have to hand it to the person who raided Abba's back catalogue and made a story out of it without changing the lyrics. Again, admit it, we all know at least one Abba song. I know "Fernando" very well because one of my grandpas was named Fernando and my aunts would sing it everytime he was being stubborn (not allowing my aunts to go out on dates...etc..). Unfortunately, we did not break into choreographed dance. Funny how that seems to happen whenever I throw a party. Anyways, I was too young to know "Fernando" is actually about the Mexican Revolution.

It's midnight, I'm intoxicated, and Abba songs are stuck on autoplay in my head, now where is my boat....(Check out the size of that moon! It's so low on the horizon this month.)

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