Thursday, 17 July 2008


Thank god Ronnie went to rehab today. He's allegedly been drinking two bottles of vodka a day. Now I feel for all parties involved.

I feel for Ronnie because let's face it, we are all sushi chefs. We value freshness. A 19 year old girl (or boy, don't call me sexist) is definitely fresh.

I feel for his wife (who was a model during her time) because we are also a cynical bunch. Would a beautiful 19 year old hook up with a crinkly penis were it not for the $150M fortune attached to the balls? Rockstar too. Hello.

I know this from experience. Friends often wonder how is it that a short, fat, and ugly man with a micropenis like The Nashman can pull a series of beautiful girl friends? Well, on one hand maybe they did love me for who I am but I can't discount the fact that they were probably dazzled by my family's fortune. We after all have a summer home along the scenic banks of the Balili River (suitable for wild water rafting during the typhoon season, beware the floating ebaks) and I am the sole heir to an FX taxi LTFRB franchise (valid in Baguio and La Trinidad. Past Tuba, Lamtang or Klondikes, extra charge applies). My family also has a fleet of classic Sarao, Cimaron, and Ford Fieras. I is loaded and this is how we roll baby.

Sigh, it really is hard to find someone who will look past my material wealth and just love me.

Aaanyways, have a good one Ronnie. See you on the Faces reunion concert.

Now, The Sun is the UK's biggest selling newspaper. It sells more copies than all the broadsheets combined (isama niyo pa ang Inquirer at Manila Bulletin). It sells 3M copies a day! I am puzzled as to why this is so.....

Do you have this on page 3 of the Philippine Star? Or do you only get coke addicts daw like Tim Yap and Celine Lopez?

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