Saturday, 19 July 2008

You are cordially invited to The Nashman's Hampshire Housewarming Party......

....entry via Gate 4 at the fashionable Ocean Village (to be honest, the part of the building NOT facing the English Channel, cannot afford sea views eh..)

Now, these are some appropriate gifts, my "John Lewis List" ala UK MPs. (no Plakabar posters, home made jams, mixed tapes please..anubayan. Wala na ako sa Trancoville anoh.)

Limited edition Marshall DAB radio for my toilet and bath.

Zeppelin mp3 dock for my living room.

Internet and DAB radio alarm clock for my shag room.

...and an R2D2 screen projector!

80" wide viewing area! Good for watching internet porn!

Now what a surprise! The heart and soul proudly made in Loakan, Baguio. (I cannot claim credit, I only worked with the mobile communications arm..)

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