Monday, 27 October 2008

The Dawgs Visit the New Saatchi Gallery 04: Hang Time

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit Warn you that the following art installation is soon to be illegal under Senator Manny Villar's idiotic anti-obscenity law. (You know naman Manny Villar, he is such a pervert, the mere glance of a bare boobs makes him manyakis. Hence his Anti-obscenity law which should only apply to people with minds like him.)

Aaanyways, we love his work by Zhang Dali entitled "Chinese Offspring" currently hanging at Nigella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh's husband's gallery in da posh suburb of Chelsea.

Da blurbs: 'Chinese Offspring is one of Zhang's best known works. Consisting of 15 cast resin figures suspended from the ceiling, each sculpture is a representation of a migrant construction worker, a vast underclass who contribute to the modernisation process at it most visible level. Since 2003, Zhang has made 100 of these effigies in tribute to their unsung heroism. Zhang's work not only champions the individual plights of these transient labourers, but also records the one of the most important phenomena of new Chinese order: the growing schism between poverty and wealth. Zhang's figures are hung by their feet to denote their vulnerability and economic entrapment. Each bears a unique tattoo issuing them with an edition number, the Chinese Offspring project title, and the artist's signature of authentication - a normal practice in indexing art construed as a witty commentary on social engineering and population control'

It's a mind fuck. Very powerful stuff.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit admire the installation from the balcony.

....but you must go downstairs to appreciate the scale of this work.

Think of the underpaid transient workers whenever you buy those clothes. They are cheap for a reason.

If Manny Villar, Etta Mendez, and Manoling Morato were to see this, it would just be degraded as a 'bomba show'. Ay ang laswa, siguro bukambibig ni Manny Villar while si Tita Manoling naman will be having hot flashes and Etta Mendez needs to take a shower with her clothes on in holy water.

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