Thursday, 23 October 2008

Now that's a change...

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit, and The Nashman are like Brad Pitt. No, this does not refer to a fetish for noisy sex with women who have full lips, but rather, we is amateur architects. Ok, that is stretching it. I means, we is groupies of the Hadids, Rogers, Calatravas et al of this world.

And, are there any 'iconic' buildings going up in my beloved Pelefins today? I ask because I can't think of any. Da peeps seem to be more intent on building garish Marian Statues on top of Mt. Sto Tomas for example (puleez, gad no). How will that help da local economy? Also, we is reminded that unless you have a PRC license you cannot 'design' a building in da Pelefins. This is not to say that we don't have world class architects and that they can't make iconic structures but wouldn't it be nice to have Herzog and De Meuron partner with a local to design a new talipapa por ehemplo? (We do have world class peeps and some do not have PRC licenses. Look at Calma, he had to take a PRC exam just so he can be an 'architect' in da homeland when the insular natives made a ruckus about him not being a lisensiyado! Hello, he is already world class!!!! Do I care if he has a PRC license? Ano yan, porke't pumasa ka ng multiple choice na Ateneo Entrance Exam eh sapat na iyon? Gad, the PRC license is just about as useful as the recycled toilet paper I use to wipe my ass. Useful, yes, but not necessarily indispensable.)

Aaaaanyways, if you were not informed beforehand, would you have thought that this pavilion is a Gehry? It's so different from the signature curves. It's got cantilevers and sharp edges. Anyways, it's the first Gehry installation in England but sadly it's not going to be there long as it will be demolished to make way for the next star architect's turn.

May I just say, if you want to make pakamatay, marami pagsasabitan.

Those flaps remind me of the labia majora. Very nice.

Woof there it is...


kaniguan said...

wonder when ud run for politics.. or enter into an, er, Catholic vocation perhaps? a whole lot of pelipino perpektib would change big time..

The Nashman said...

i can't do politics coz i'm not an A-type personalities.

wait, i forgot, i am running for mayor of baguio nga pala.