Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snap Photo Assault: The Dawgs Visit The Old Persons Home

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit, as part of their charitable work, visited the Old Persons home to give some of those amoy lupas some companionship

Lolo getting ready for New Year's with the one labintador to rule them all

...I want to press the big central button to get this party started with a bang!

Our dear Patriarch just chillaxing....Do you still do it the Greek way father?

Palestine veteran has heard it all before and is bored.

Old man and his brewski.

Thankfully, his mobility chair is on autopilot.

....round and round like the circles that they find in windmills in their senile minds....

Whoa, the King has brought out his whip for some sexy time....

...before Lolo joined in with an even more impressive whip....Oooh la la...


Sidney said...

Glad to see your self portrait !

The Nashman said...

I don't want to grow old this way. I want a spectacular death

"The Nashman was killed today by an avalanche after reaching the peak of Everest in the first ever successful winter ascent...."