Sunday, 19 October 2008

Snap Photo Assault: Oxbarrio to Londontown

9:30am: Walk to college after breakfast at North Oxbarrio

10am: Read newspaper, fire off emails. Admire how beautiful the new peer support team this schoolyear is. Nahulaan niyo na sino crush ko?

11:17am: Didcot power station.

12 noon: London Paddington train station please...

12:10pm: Admiring the Bird Sanctuary in Chinatown.

12:15pm: Lunch at Jen Cafe. Yes, they is more famous for dumplings but I wanted pork and duck at the same time.

1:30pm: After a short stop to see Annie Leibovitz at the National Portrait Gallery The Nashman found himself in Trafalgar

1:40pm. Apparently it's Diwali celebrations.

1:46pm. The Korea Centre. No, me neither.

2:35: On the train to Hampshire.


kaytee said...

I know who. It's Jonathan for his geek charm.

The Nashman said...

tse! hindi ko ka-tribu si ashley na titi on titi ang hanap.