Friday, 24 October 2008

So what's wrong with being Imeldific?

I don't get it!!! This is dirty tricks and mudslinging employed by them loser democrats. Leave the future president of the United States of America Sarah Palin alone!!! So what if she spent £90k on her clothes! Duh! It's not taxpayer money! It's from WILLING faithful party donors you morans! Do you expect the future president of the free world to go down to Walmart and be like you people and dress down in ugly mass produced cheap clothes and look like Joe da Tubero?? He-llow. So what if it's a recession and she spent more in one day than her entire salary for a year? She's the future President of the USA and she can damn well do as she pleases! And stop this shite about being unpatriotic and buying European luxury items, we know damn well that the USA doesn't have a haute couture industry because them foreigner immigrants are stealing all your jobs and driving production to China. Fuck you whiners. Leave Sarah alone! She's doing a good job and deserves the best.

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