Tuesday, 16 December 2008


When we made all these plans for perambulating across central Europe for the Xmas break, the exchange rate was £1=€1.4 now, it's at €1.1 and is expected to drop to parity. Sigh. I guess we have to downgrade from the Orient Express to cattle class..

I guess we has to get the cheaper shared cabin. I hope this won't be like the last time when I didn't get to sleep at all because I shared a couchette with Swedish nymphomaniacs.

The worth-less British pound. What I do like about British bank notes is that they have sane people on the back like Charles Darwin and Adam Smith. All the USA banknotes on the other hand have "In God we trust" which is kinda unconstitutional because presumably there are atheists and polytheists in the USA too. Just imagine the riots from the evangelical christian nutters if the Federal Reserve even dared put Charles Darwin on the dollar!

Today we had the lab Xmas lunch which stretched from 11:57am to 6:30 pm. I arrived at the office at 10:37am. And yet, I managed to get some work done. Efficiency!

My starter from the buffet table....and if you think that is too much...

...this is the plate of one of the students...OMG talaga ang mga patay gutom! Well, libre kasi.

My second plate from the buffet table....I am on a diet.

For the main course, I only had 1 teaspoon of egg fried rice. No seriously. If you is wondering bakit, we went to a "japanese" restaurant run by chinese. So it's good to know those two warring civilizations are coexisting peacefully. My stomach says otherwise.

For dessert. How apt given that I'm the black sheep of the family. My father kept telling me "Mag-artista ka na anak. Mag-artista ka. Sumali ka sa That's Anak". But noooooo. I brought dishonour and shame by not being an artista. Instead, I pursued the unstable and dead end job of civil service.

In the news, a big investment firm has been unmasked as nothing more than a big pyramid scam..

$50B is what investors lost. Baguio city has a disproportionate number of pyramiding companies. I don't know why. The funny thing is even bankers get duped. I do not have an MBA from Wharton unlike Kidlat Tahimik* but I know that a 50% return on investment in a couple of months is impossible. (*Bet you did not know that about Kidlat Tahimik. Most people think that just because he goes up and down Session Road in a messy state and wearing an igorot bahag that he's a drop out. Well, boy, girls, and gays, he's proper posh Ivy League.)

Is there anything the French won't strike about? Gad, sayang I missed this! A naked protest in Paris!

To the barricades! (No Les Miserable songs please because it's so baduy.)

Hindi naman sa pagyayabang, pero I was on BBC1 last week. I hope you all watched my Bafta-nominated role as "Student extra 12" on a flagship BBC drama. I was just walking down the Square in my pambahay when the director called me to the set. But don't worry, fame won't change a thing. I'm still The Nashman from the block. But I'm really choosy when it comes to roles and so I passed on this role which is showing on TV tonight...

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