Tuesday, 9 December 2008

And where is the Philippines?

1. Asia Pacific countries are good with Science and Maths education. Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore all have high tech industries from R&D to manufacture. The Philippines only has manufacturing and has sectarian schools and treats call centres as 'industries'.

2. When Chiz Escudero was a Tongressman, he proposed to cut down on science and maths in the curriculum. Gago! He has an ulterior motive. The less educated we are, the more we are likely to be swayed by corrupt dynastic politicians like Chiz Escudero. Chiz Escudero is an idiot.

3. In every Crisis, the moronic cabal of monkeys, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, will make noise asking us to "Pray" instead of rolling our sleeves to get down and do WORK. As if naman god will send angels down to sort us out. Hello, kaya nga we have arms, legs, and brains. If you believe in a god and that he gave you all those, perhaps god expected you to use them instead of wasting one hour praying the rosary or going to mass. You do that when the times are good and you don't have to work. Ayan, saan tayo dinala ng pagiging masyadong katoliko?? Saan tayo dinala ng mga padasal-dasal na iyan at iba pang nationalistic kagaguhan na tinuturo sa mga iskuls at simbahan natin?


Gem said...

Nice! Kaya pala onti lang ang Nashman.

I definitely agree on point #3.

I could just hope na makahabol ang Pinas. Too bad the government puts emphasize on producing more OFWs than encouraging pinoys to put up businesses - para naman may jobs ang mga kapwa pinoy.

Brian Brotarlo said...

Ano bang nirereklamo mo Nash. Kelan ba dito nangangailangan ng mga science at math na yan?