Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Dawgs Travel Diary: The Dawgs Go Up De Mountain (well, halfway up)

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit woke The Nashman early for a run around the village before breakfast.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are cunning linguists.

After breakfast, the dawgs and The Nashman decided to go up the side the mountain to the salt mines (Salzberg). As you all know by now, the dawgs are very experienced alpinists but this hike is a simple walk in the park.

Unless you are an Ateneo de Manila student, it is impossible to get lost hiking in the Alps as everything is well signposted.

How sweet, the dawgs make a postcard for the 6 fans of our online diary...

...but take note Ashley the operative words "were here" does not apply to certain undesirable elements of society.

First, one has to skim the dangerous icy gorge formed by the millbrook.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are not in any rush and stop every so often to enjoy the view

We didn't bring any bottles of water but being experienced alpinists, the dawgs know where to get refreshing thirst quenchers...simply suck on an icicle.

One of the many mine shafts along the way up.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit navigate the side of the steep gorge....

..which as you can see is very non-technical except that the steps are still covered in slippery ice.

Isn't it funderful?

PA/PR Gromit inspects the safety features of the guy lines. may look like ordinary duct tape to you but we assure you, this is high-tech lightweight stuff...(or it could just be ordinary scotch any case, we survived and it supported The Nashman's fat 65kg frame)

The dawgs trying out some of the supply lines.

HRO Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit, and The Nashman reach the mines at lunch time.

One of the entrances to the salt mines. (More on that later)

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit go up and up...

..but disaster struck and we could not go up the mountain any further as it was nearly sunset (it's early during winter) and the fact that The Nashman was wearing D&G instead of Helly Hansen. The dawgs snap their heads at The Nashman's folly, giving him the look of "We packed all that technical gear and you do not wear it?" Despite the sunshine, it was below zero and the ends of my pants were frozen stiff. The mountain (Plassen) is only 1953m high and we were halfway up and it was just a mere 2 hours to the top but we could not do a roundtrip in time before sunset. But as a bonus, we seemed to be the only ones on the mountain that day and enjoyed walking in the forests. It was our time to bond.

The dawgs and the snow crystals which also look like salt flakes.

Shall we take a cold bath?

Virgin snow is fun.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit enjoyed today's walk.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit walking down the mountain. We must come back during the summer when the salt mines, one of the biggest in the world, reopens...For now...where to have a late lunch?....


rene said...

sarap palang magdala ng hilaw na mangga dyan.

ashley said...

kakatawa talaga!

thenashman2 said...

hindi lang mangga, pwede ring isda na gagawing tuyo..

En said...

ganda ng view! made me remember Jadis (of Narnia) ;)

thenashman2 said...

i has not watched any narnia pelms...hindi kasi pang metro film festival

En said...

haha! i watched the 1st flick just for the heck of it. mas magaling pa rin ang enteng kabisote no doubt ;p