Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Dawgs Travel Diary: To Bavaria by Road

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit, and The Nashman were really sad to leave J. and wondered when out paths would cross again. Well, at least J. knows that there will always be a special part in The Nashman's heart that's only for her. (Naks, abangan ang 4th movie in our trilogy. Pero siempri, alam nating lahat na ang bawat tao ay may mga pangangailangan na hindi napapawi ng ldr. Kaya nga kami nag-break noon dahil magkalayo ang GMA studios sa ABS-CBN talent centre. Well, it was not hard for me to tell J ang nafi-peel ko at mahal ko pa rin siya pero hanggang prins nalang kami tita Luds, promise.)

When the dawgs and The Nashman reached London on Thursday from work it was too late for us to get hotel train tickets from the travel centre and when we got to Paris Gare Est yesterday, all the train hotel beds were booked. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit were looking forward to the overnight train but I think secretly they really really really wanted to go by road because that meant tearing across the autobahn from Karlsruhe to Frottmaning. The ride was fairly uneventful. (Wala man lang pri sampol ng ube candy nung nag-pit stop kami sa Dau.) The dawgs and The Nashman left Paris at 10pm, got to Strasbourg at 5 am, Karlsruhe at 6am, Stuttgart at 7am, then Munich at 10:30am.

You know you have crossed the border - you must now sort your trash.
Hmmm, apart from the usual condoms from the men's toilet dispenser you can also get an 'artificial' vagina for €3...A travel pussy is as essential as your toothbrush when you are a trucker.
...the diverse array of products is amazing! Ja, das ist fantastiche! I assume that the "Orientalischer" brand is more tighter coz Orientals got tighter pussies?
The Nashman makes his first Bavarian deposit while getting our bearings.
Ack! The Bearbrand bear is stalking us! It's tito Wendell Capili and his scarf. (Dyok lang. Canned tawa naman diyan.)
HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit were famished but interestingly, despite the 10 hour journey, were not tired. Besides, it's Christmas Eve so after dropping our bags in our lodgings and The Nashman taking a shower, off we went to meet the natives.
In Bavaria, everyone rubs the boar's snout for good luck and this is the first thing we did because when in Munchen, act like the Bavarians. We saw some old men rubbing the boar's penis too and were a bit unsure about that.
That piece of art was commissioned by Louis Vuitton. Yes, in case you've forgotten, if Bavaria were a country, it would be in the top 20 largest economies of the world. BMW and Siemens are just two of the big players headquartered in Munich. Incidentally, the english translation of BMW corresponds to the same abbreviation (Bavarian Motor Works). It's so not French.
Ahh, the Rathaus and the famous Christmas Market.
...but first His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem said we should see the official Christmas Belen..
jjj1 that's baby Jesus surrounded by mummy and daddy and some cherubims and shepherds...
...and sheep....wait, how did the harp player get there?? Baka Kobe beef cows yung nasa manger kaya merong piped-in muzak.
..and of course the Wise Men. Incidentally, I noticed that all the Belens I have seen (the Spanish, French, and now Bavarian) depict at least one of the wise men as Black. Now, have YOU ever seen a FILIPINO nativity diorama where one of the wise men is black?? Wala/bihira diba?? Puro puti! Bakit kaya? Esep esep?
Now we were really hungry and looked around and stopped here. Omaygad, kahit ano pa binebenta ni Ineng, bibili kami. Bakit hindi ganyan kagaganda ang tindera ng pisbol sa kanto namin??
HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit nibble on whatever it is we bought with gluhwein. Mmmmm, in this cold weather, gluhwein is mana from Allah. Yummy..
So it's bread freshly baked in the oven with melted cheese, some porky bits, and onions. Delish. Plus, maganda pa ang view. Busog na tiyan, busog pa mata.
After our modest lunch, PA/PR Gromit dragged us up to this cafe which overlooked the square and the famous clock of the Rathaus. Ashley, buti nalang mataray ang face police. Hindi basta basta pinapapasok ang kung sino sino. Buti nalang kasama ko ang mga dawgs dahil unlike your royal friend, the dawgs reputations precede them. So welcome agad kami and sat on the table with a view kahit balu-baluktot ang Aleman ko. It normally takes me a day to switch to the language so nagpra-Pranses pa rin ako.
Well it's quite obvious. It's apple strudel!
..we chillaxed here for an hour, enjoying the view and getting a feel for the vibe of Munchen.


ashley said...

nagpa gluthatione din ang belen sa manila. sa probinsya naman ching-chang-su ang gamit. kaya mapuputi lahat.

The Nashman said...

we is so racialistic...yung ibang legend says "wise men from the east" eh di sana mukhang persian, bumbay, at instik at kung further east ba dapat maitim rin dahil wala pa namang mga puti sa australia noon dapat yung mga wise men...pero dahil kay drug addict Loren Legarda hindi naging makulay ang ating buhay...

ashley said...

parang ikaw. laging nasa boots par subukan ang mag tetraborate products nila every other day para libre.

The Nashman said...

i love my brown-ness...take note, even brown yan, walang tan lines...yan ang epekto ng yearly summer vacations sa La Rochelle kung saan lagi akong top less

ganyan style ng royal pren mo para matipid ang kanyang perfume na nagpapabigat sa excess luggage niya....he goes boots to use the perfume samplers...pero kahi istambay siya sa clarins stand, ayaw siyang bigyan ng free facial ng mga beauty therapists dahil his beauty is beyond repair.